Las Vegas Defense Lawyer Explains Bribery of Judicial Officer

Judicial officers need to execute their duties impartially and must behave ethically to ensure the fair operation of the criminal justice system. When a judicial officer has an ethical breach, the conduct of the officer could sometimes be considered criminal conduct. This can occur, for example, if an officer accepts or solicits a bribe.

Those who intend to interfere with the ability of a judicial officer to exercise his duties with impartiality can also be charged with a criminal offense. For example, if any person bribes a judicial officer, that individual could be subject to serious criminal penalties.

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Bribery of a Judicial Officer Defined by Nevada Law

Chapter 199 of Nevada’s code prohibits different types of bribery, corruption and misconduct within the criminal justice system. There are many different offenses that are defined within Chapter 199. Bribery of a judicial officer is just one of several examples of illegal bribery offenses under chapter 199.

Bribery of a judicial officer is defined in N.R.S. 199.010. According to the relevant law, the crime of bribery of a judicial officer can be committed by any person who gives something to an official, offers something of value, promises something of value, or provide any compensation, gratuity or reward. The item of value or reward could be provided directly or indirectly. It must be provided to a judicial officer, juror, referee, arbitrator, appraiser, assessor or any other person who has been vested with authority by law to hear or determine a question, matter, cause, proceeding or controversy.

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In order for the gift or promise of valuable items to constitute bribery of a judicial officer, the gift or item of value must have been given with the intent to influence the judicial officer, juror or other party’s actions, votes, opinions or decisions.

When an item of value is given to a judicial officer or related person with the goal of influencing the decisions of the officer, the person who made the gift could be convicted of a Category C felony under N.R.S. 199.010. The officer or juror who accepted the bribe can also be found guilty of a felony under other provisions of Chapter 199.

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