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Bribery and CorruptionThe United States criminal justice system is one of our most important institutions and the protections given to defendants accused of wrongdoing are some of the fundamental building blocks of our attempt to create a fair and just society. Because the criminal justice system is so important to protect the rights of the accused, any corruption with or interference with the criminal justice system is taken very seriously.

Chapter 199 is the part of the Nevada code that deals with crimes against public justice. The different offenses that are considered to be crimes against public justice are defined within Chapter 199 and are divided into different categories, including a group of offenses related to perjury or subordination of perjury and a group of offenses related to falsifying evidence.

One of the first categories of offenses addressed within Chapter 199 is offenses related to bribery and corruption. If you are accused of any of the crimes within this category, you should be aware that you face very serious penalties that could result in jail time and other life-changing consequences. You should aggressively fight accusations of bribery or corruption by getting help from experienced Las Vegas defense attorneys.

LV Criminal Defense can provide the guidance and support you need to determine the best approach to responding to serious charges. We can help you to negotiate an out-of-court plea agreement to reduce penalties or can fight on your behalf in court for an acquittal. You should give us a call as soon as possible if you are accused of bribery or corruption so you can maximize the chances of getting the most favorable outcome possible within the criminal justice system. Call now to get your plans in place.

Bribery and Corruption Offenses

There are multiple different offenses that are categorized as bribery and corruption crimes under Chapter 199 of Title 15. Some of these crimes hold officials within the judicial system accountable for unethical behavior while others impose penalties upon outsiders who tend to corrupt the criminal justice process.

The offenses that are made illegal by the bribery section of Chapter 199 include the following:

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  • N.R.S. 199.010 Bribery of a judicial officer
  • N.R.S. 199.020 Judicial officers asking for a bribe or receiving a bribe
  • N.R.S. 199.030: Members of a jury and others accepting bribes
  • N.R.S. 199.040: Acting to influence any juror, arbitrator, referee or prospective juror
  • N.R.S. 199.050: Any juror, arbitrator, or referee promising a verdict or a decision or receiving unauthorized, illicit, and/or unlawful communication
  • N.R.S. 199.060: Misconduct of the officer who is drawing a jury for a case
  • N.R.S. 199.070: Soliciting jury duty
  • N.R.S. 199.080: Misconduct of an officer who has been placed in charge of the jury

N.R.S. 199.090, which is found within Chapter 199, establishes a rule related to offenders testifying in connection with criminal offenses committed under the relevant chapter. According to N.R.S. 199.090, any who commits an offense made illegal in Chapter 199 must serve as a witness against another who committed the offense. For example, a person who bribed a judicial officer would be required to testify against the judicial officer who accepted the bribe.

An offender who is required to testify under N.R.S. 199.090 is not allowed to be excused from providing testimony on the grounds that such testimony would incriminate himself or herself. In other words, the person who committed the offense could not plead the Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination in order to avoid testifying against another offender. However, testimony that is provided under the requirements of N.R.S. 199.090 cannot be used against the person who is testifying. The testimony cannot be used in any judicial proceeding against the person who testified, except if the individual perjured himself while giving testimony.

Many of the offenses that are outlined in Chapter 199 are felony offenses. For example, bribery of a judicial officer is a Category C felony. Felony offenses are the most serious that can be committed within Nevada. A felony carries harsher penalties than a conviction for a misdemeanor offense or a conviction for a gross misdemeanor offense. Not only does the penalty typically involve jail time, but having a felony on your record can be disqualifying for many jobs and can affect your rights as a citizen.

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Because bribery and corruption are taken so seriously in the state of Nevada and because you could be jailed and end up with a felony record if you are convicted, you should act quickly in circumstance where you are facing criminal charges under Chapter 199. You need to identify the best legal strategy for responding to these charges and reducing the potential penalties that you could be faced with. A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney will help you to decide on the best course of action and will help you to carry out your plans for responding to charges.

LV Criminal Defense present defenses in court on your behalf and can assist you in introducing doubt about your guilt. You do not have to prove you are innocent of bribery and corruption; the prosecutor has to prove you are guilty. If the prosecutor cannot prove any elements of the offense with which you have been accused, you should be acquitted. In cases where going to court isn’t likely to lead to acquittal, our Las Vegas defense lawyers can also provide you with assistance in negotiating a favorable plea deal that could result in reduced charges or lesser penalties than you might otherwise face.

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