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When you have been convicted of an offense in Nevada, the jail time that you must serve is just one part of the consequences that you will face. While going to jail is a major interruption to your life and is a very serious penalty, the long-term consequences associated with conviction can often have an even more profound impact on your life than the jail sentence alone. The problems that can arise come from the fact that you are left with a criminal record, which can impact what work you can do, where you can go to school, and many other aspects of your life.

Nevada Code Title 14, Chapter 179A provides detailed information on the rules for criminal records, and it is vital that you understand these rules so you can have a better grasp on how your life will be affected in the long-term after a criminal conviction. Because the law is very complicated and because you may not be able to fully grasp all of the nuances of the Nevada rules associated with criminal records and record keeping, you should strongly consider getting legal help.

A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can provide you with information on when and how criminal records are kept, what your obligations are if you are required to register as a sex offender, and what your options are for getting your records sealed or expunged so you can try to reduce or avoid the serious long-term consequences that are associated with having a criminal record.

At LV Criminal Defense, our legal team will also help you to try to avoid a criminal record in the first place by working to get you acquitted or to enter into programs that allow you to keep your record clear. You should involve an experienced attorney as soon as possible when you have been charged with a criminal offense so you can reduce the chances that you will end up with a criminal record affecting your future.

Contact our firm for help as soon as you are under investigation and especially if you have been charged with a crime to learn all that we can do to help you.

Nevada Rules on Criminal Records

Chapter 179A of Nevada’s Code of Criminal Procedure addresses a wide variety of legal issues related to criminal records. The rules set forth within this code section establish guidelines for everything from when and how records must be created by criminal justice agencies to the prerequisites for the dissemination of records to the removal of certain records when an accused person is found to be innocent of criminal charges after a court proceeding.

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The rules in Chapter 179A provide insight into the creation of a central repository for criminal records, and detail the circumstances under which a person’s criminal record can be disclosed to victims of a crime. The laws require logs to be maintained when information about person’s criminal record is disseminated, and the laws within this section also set the fee for providing information in a criminal record.

Chapter 179A also addresses the circumstances under which mental health information can be transmitted to the National Instant Criminal Background Check system, as well as the creation of a repository for information concerning people who are missing.

These regulations aim to balance the need to protect public health and safety with the need to respect the rights and the privacy of those who have been convicted of criminal offenses. While the laws often err on the side of protecting safety, even at the expense of the rights of defendants, at least there are some protections in place and protocols that must be followed when dealing with important issues related to criminal records.

What Happens if You Have a Criminal Record?

The impact of having a criminal record can vary depending upon what type of record you have and what your specific circumstances are. The type of record that can have the most profound impact on your life comes if you are a sex offender. If you have been convicted of a sexual offense, you will be subject to registration requirements and potential limits on where you can work, where you can live, and what you can do on a computer. The community where you live could also be provided with information on your past offenses, which could be a serious issue that creates difficulty in your everyday life.

Even if you simply have a criminal record for any offense, however, you could still face serious legal consequences. You may have a more difficult time getting hired by companies that conduct background checks who are concerned about your record. There could also be issues associated with admission into academic programs, volunteer opportunities, and a host of other life opportunities. Being denied the chance to improve yourself or to do a particular job because of your record can be very upsetting.

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The best course of action is to do everything possible to try to avoid getting a record in the first place by making sure you have talked with a lawyer when you are under investigation or facing a criminal trial. However, even if you have already been convicted, you should still reach out to an experienced attorney to find out what your options are for trying to have your record sealed or the history of your offenses expunged from your record. It is up to you to be your own advocate and to try to ensure that a criminal record does not have an adverse effect on your future. An attorney at LV Criminal Defense is here to help.

Getting Help from a Las Vegas Defense Lawyer

LV Criminal Defense will work closely with you to try to help you to get the best possible outcome from your case when faced with charges. Nick Wooldridge and our Las Vegas criminal attorneys will help fight for an acquittal with the goal of protecting your record so you don’t face limits on future employment opportunities. We will also provide you with help in understanding what options you have for getting your criminal record cleared after involvement with the criminal justice system.

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