Post-Conviction Relief in Nevada criminal cases

Nevada post conviction reliefThe Nevada criminal process can be complex and lengthy, but even the simplest cases are prone to error. Just because a jury may have found you guilty does not mean that your case is over or that there is nothing left for you to do. You must act fast, though. Post-conviction relief is has strict time frames that must be met.

Not every Las Vegas criminal lawyer has experience in the legal process after trial, and you don’t want to leave your case to chance. If you have been convicted of a crime in Nevada, contact a post conviction relief lawyer at LV Criminal Defense as soon as possible to learn about your options after trial.

What is post-conviction relief?

Post-conviction relief is a way to go before the same judge who sentenced you after a guilty verdict or plea. In most cases, the request will explain that your trial counsel did not do his or job in the best way possible. For example:

  • Your defense attorney may not have interviewed or called a witness at trial to support an alibi;
  • You did not understand what the result of pleading guilty would be because your attorney did not adequately explain your rights;
  • Your criminal lawyer did not take every available step to defend you during your case, for example, by missing deadlines or failing to file motions to exclude illegal evidence.

How is post-conviction relief different from a criminal appeal in Nevada?

You may have heard of criminal defendants appealing their cases to a higher court. Post-conviction relief is different appeal in a few ways.

  • Timing: Post-conviction relief usually comes after an appeal has been denied;
  • Reason for filing: Appeals are concerned with mistakes in the process, including improper jury instructions, the failure of the judge to exclude certain evidence, or a lack of evidence to convict you beyond a reasonable doubt;
  • Review: Post-conviction motions are heard by the same judge in your case. Appeals are heard by a higher court which can require your trial court judge to correct errors or even hold another trial.

In both situations, time is a very important factor. If you miss the deadline for an appeal or post-conviction relief, you may lose the right to either one forever.

Las Vegas Post Conviction Relief Lawyers

Appeals and post-conviction relief are specialized and highly complex areas of law that even few criminal attorneys have experience in. A guilty verdict is a serious outcome that can become permanent unless you quickly retain an experienced Las Vegas post-conviction relief attorney to review your case and present errors to the court.

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