Sealing your Nevada criminal record

sealing NV criminal recordYour life can be negatively impacted if you have a criminal record. Landlords may not want to rent to you, employers may not want to hire you, and you lose certain rights, such as voting and owning a gun.

If you have a record, you still have options, which may include sealing your Nevada criminal record.

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How is sealing a record different from expunging a criminal record?

If your Las VEgas criminal record is sealed, most of the public cannot access your criminal history. For example, an employer’s background check will not show prior convictions or charges. There are still some people who have access to sealed records. For example, if you are trying to get a Nevada gaming license, your records will be available to the authorities.

When your Nevada criminal record is expunged, on the other hand, it is as if the crimes never took place. There is nothing left for anyone to find.

When can a criminal record be sealed?

Not everyone is eligible for record sealing in Las Vegas. Usually, your case has to be closed for a certain period of time at a minimum before you can request that your criminal record be sealed.

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Most importantly, your criminal case must be completely closed before the required time starts running. This means that pending charges cannot be part of a record sealing request.

Certain crimes against people under the age of 18 cannot be sealed, such as kidnapping or sexual offenses. If your convictions or charges are for other crimes, the waiting period for sealing your criminal record will depend on whether the crime was a felony or a misdemeanor.

  • You must wait 10-15 years for felony convictions, depending on the category;
  • You must wait 7 years for gross misdemeanors and DUI offenses;
  • 2 years for other misdemeanors;
  • Immediately upon completion of a case for possession of a controlled substance (assuming you have fulfilled all of your obligations to the court).

If you are arrested but never convicted, you are eligible for record sealing as soon as the charges are dismissed or you are acquitted at trial.

Why should you get your criminal record sealed?

Once your record is sealed, you can truthfully state on an employment application that you have never been convicted of or even arrested for the crimes which are sealed. This is just one example of why you are better off if your Nevada criminal record is sealed. Your other rights will be restored and you can move on with a clean slate.

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