Obscene, threatening or annoying telephone calls

Nevada Defense Attorneys Explain Crime of Threatening Phone CallsNevada law has declared that certain types of conduct go against public decency and good morals. Nevada has actually criminalized this type of conduct within Title 15, which is Nevada’s penal code detailing crimes and punishments. Within Title 15, Chapter 201 deals with crimes against public decency and morality.

Chapter 201 is divided into different subsections, each of which address a different type of unlawful behavior that has been made illegal because it is considered to go against public decency and morality. Chapter 201 includes a subsection related to lewdness and indecent exposure, as well as a general subsection related to obscenity. It also includes different subsections that address different kinds of behaviors in connection with obscene materials.

One of these subsections prohibits individuals in Nevada from making obscene, threatening, or annoying telephone calls. If you have been accused of violating this subsection, you could face serious criminal penalties and you need to take the accusations against you very seriously. This mean getting legal help from a Vegas criminal attorney who understands how prosecutors pursue cases against defendants accused of crimes against public decency and morality.

LV Criminal Defense can provide the aggressive and dedicated advocacy that you need as you fight charges in connection with accusations of making obscene, threatening or annoying telephone calls. Our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team can fight on your behalf in court for an acquittal or can try to help you get charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. We can also help you to negotiate a plea agreement with a prosecutor under appropriate circumstances when admitting guilt in exchange for a reduced penalty is likely to lead to the most favorable possible outcome under the circumstances.

To find out more about obscenity crimes and about how our firm can help you if you have been accused of making obscene telephone calls in violation of Nevada law, give us a call today.

Nevada Laws on Obscene, Threatening or Annoying Telephone Calls

The subsection of Chapter 201 that deals with crimes related to obscene, annoying, and threatening telephone calls is found within N.R.S. 201.255.

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According to the relevant statute, you can be found guilty of a crime if you make a telephone call and address obscene language to the person who receives the call. You can also be found guilty of a crime if you make obscene representations or suggestions to the person receiving the call or about the person receiving the call. If you make obscene telephone calls and you make threats to inflict injury to the person you’ve called or to inflict injury to that person’s property or family, you can also be found guilty of a crime. Engaging in any of these action is considered to be a misdemeanor offense.

It is also a misdemeanor offense under N.R.S. 201.255 to make a telephone call with the intent of annoying another person. Whether a conversation results from the making of the telephone call or not does not matter for purposes of securing a conviction for making annoying telephone calls. Simply making the call with intent to annoy is sufficient for you to be found guilty of a misdemeanor criminal offense.

If you violate the law and make threatening telephone calls or annoying telephone calls, you can be prosecuted in the jurisdiction where the telephone calls were made or you can be prosecuted in the jurisdiction where the telephone calls were received.

A misdemeanor offense could potentially result in jail time and fines. You could also be left with a criminal record as a result of conviction for making obscene or annoying telephone calls. Having a criminal record fro a misdemeanor offense could have an impact on your job opportunities in the future and could affect your ability to continue your education. While a misdemeanor offense is not as serious as a gross misdemeanor or a felony offense, being left with a criminal record still affects many different aspects of your life going forward.

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If you have been accused of making obscene, threatening or annoying telephone calls, you should reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as you have come under investigation or if you have been arrested in connection with a violation of N.R.S. 201.255. Your attorney can work with you to understand the specific definition of the offense and to understand what a prosecutor must prove in order to secure a conviction. Your attorney can also help you to determine if evidence against you was collected lawfully, if the evidence is admissible, and if the evidence is likely to secure a conviction against you that will result in you facing penalties.

Based on the nature of the evidence against you and the likelihood that you could successfully fight conviction and get acquitted by introducing reasonable doubt or affirmative defenses, your attorney can help you to determine if you should negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor to reduce the penalties associated with conviction or if you should go to court. If you wish to plead guilty, your lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf to try to get the charges reduced, to try to get leniency in sentencing, or to try to get you into a pre-trial diversion program so you can avoid a criminal conviction on your record.

If you plan to go to court, an experienced attorney can help you to find ways to cast doubt on your guilt or to justify the actions that you took which have led to the prosecution. Working with a lawyer with courtroom experience can help you to convince the jury to acquit you of the crime with which you have been accused.

Whether you are pleading guilty or fighting in court to avoid conviction, you need a Vegas defense lawyer with experience who is familiar with Nevada’s criminal code related to obscene phone calls and other crimes against public decency and good morals. LV Criminal Defense has the experience and skill necessary to fight for you, so give us a call today for help.


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