Nevada Defense Attorney Explains Second Degree Kidnapping

In Nevada, crimes against the person are defined in Title 15, Chapter 200. Crimes against the person are offenses where human beings are victims. These crimes include homicide, sexual assault offenses, and kidnapping.

Within Chapter 200, there are different categories of crimes and different statutes that relate to different aspects of each type of criminal behavior. For example, there are statutes that define crimes against persons and that explains what prosecutors must prove. There are also statutes establishing penalties for different kinds of crimes, as well as setting forth potential defenses that could be raised to crimes against the person.

Kidnapping is one of the subcategories found in Chapter 200. Under the laws within this chapter, there are different degrees of kidnapping offenses. The particular crime with which you will be charged if you are accused of kidnapping will depend upon several key factors that determine your level of culpability.

Nevada Revised Statute action 200.330 is the statute that defines second-degree kidnapping. Second-degree kidnapping, while not as serious as first-degree kidnapping, is still a crime for which you will be punished harshly if you are convicted. It is imperative that you fight aggressively for your freedom if you have been accused of kidnapping in the second degree— and that means reaching out to an experienced Vegas defense lawyer who can fight for you.

LV Criminal Defense has provided assistance to many defendants throughout the state of Nevada in fighting charges for crimes against the person. We can help you to decide on the best course of action for responding to second-degree kidnapping charges and we can represent you as you fight for acquittal or negotiate a plea deal. To find out more about how we can help, give us a call today.

Nevada Revised Statute section 200.330: Kidnapping in the Second Degree

Second-degree kidnapping is defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 200.310. A defendant can be convicted of second-degree kidnapping for:

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• Willfully or without lawful authority
• Seizing a victim, taking a victim, carrying a victim away or otherwise kidnapping a victim.
• With the intent to imprison the victim either within the state of Nevada or to take the victim outside of the state of Nevada.
• In any manner that is against the will of the victim.

A defendant can also be charged for detaining a victim or holding the victim to service against his will under any circumstances. The offense is a category B felony and the penalties for the offense are defined within Nevada Revised Statute section 200.330. The penalties could include a minimum prison term of two years and a maximum prison term of 15 years as well as an additional penalty of a fine up to $15,000.

Kidnapping carries a mandatory minimum sentence, which means that if a defendant has been convicted of a kidnapping offense, the defendant will typically be forced to serve at least two years of imprisonment regardless of whether there are any mitigating factors or unusual circumstances that might otherwise result in a defendant facing a lesser sentence.

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