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Nevada Defense LawyerThe criminal justice system works because prosecutors and defendants each have the opportunity to tell their version of events and a judge or jury must decide whether a prosecutor has credibly proved a case beyond a reasonable doubt. The evidence that is presented by both prosecutors and defendants will determine how the court rules on guilt or innocence.

Because evidence presented in criminal cases can determine whether an innocent person goes to jail or whether a criminal goes free, it is imperative that the evidence which is presented be as accurate and as complete as possible. While determining the veracity and accuracy of evidence is something that must be done by the judge or jury, it is the obligation of prosecutors and defendants not to lie when presenting evidence.

Lying or misleading in connection with evidence in a criminal case will not only pervert the justice system, but it is also a criminal act in-and-of-itself. If you are accused of offering false evidence, you could face serious charges. You need to defend yourself against accusations or charges that could affect your future in adverse ways, so you should contact a Las Vegas defense lawyer for assistance.

A Las Vegas defense lawyer at LV Criminal Defense can provide the help and support that you need as you respond to accusations that you falsified evidence. We can fight on your behalf for an acquittal or for a reduced penalty through plea bargaining. You should give us a call as soon as possible to find out how we can help you and to get a compassionate and knowledgeable member of our legal team working on your case so you can develop the right response strategy as soon as possible.

N.R.S. 199.210: Offering False Evidence

Nevada considers the crime of offering false evidence to be an offense against public justice. The definition of the offense is found within Chapter 199, which is the chapter of the Nevada code criminalizing all crimes against public justice. The relevant statute is Nevada Revised Statute section 199.210.

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According to N.R.S. 199.210, the crime of offering false evidence occurs when any person offers into evidence books, papers, documents, records, or other instruments which that person knows to be forged or fraudulently altered. The person who offers the false or fraudulent information must offer the information as if it were true and genuine, despite knowing that it is actually fraudulent or altered.

A defendant can be convicted of the offense of offering false evidence for knowingly providing inaccurate or misleading documents, papers, or items as true in any trial, hearing, investigation, inquiry, or other proceeding that has been authorized by law.

Any defendant who is convicted of the offense of offering false evidence will be charged with a Category D felony. Felony charges are far more serious than misdemeanor charges. Not only will you have a felony record if you are found guilty of this offense, but you could also face a lengthy prison sentence as well as a substantial fine and other penalties. You want to do everything that you can to fight conviction, which means finding a skilled Las Vegas defense lawyer who can stand up for your rights and fight for you in trying to avoid a criminal conviction or reduce penalties through effective plea bargaining.

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