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Witness accepting bribeWitness testimony is often some of the most important evidence that is submitted for consideration to the court in criminal proceedings. Witnesses could provide first-hand knowledge of events that they observed which shed light on whether a crime was committed or on who committed the particular offense. Witnesses could also be experts in a particular field, such as forensic science, and could provide testimony that informs the court about pertinent facts in a case.

Because witnesses often have such important information and because members of juries often rely on witness testimony when making decisions about guilt or innocence, it is imperative that witnesses be both honest and unbiased when they are giving testimony in court. To preserve the integrity of witnesses and to avoid corruption within the criminal justice system, the state of Nevada has made it a crime for witnesses to accept bribes.

If you are a witness accused of accepting a bribe, or if you are accused of attempting to bribe a witness, you could face serious consequences if you are tried and convicted. If you come under investigation or if you are arrested as a witness accepting a bribe, it is important to reach out to a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas to determine how best to fight the serious accusations you face.

LV Criminal Defense has provided representation in many criminal cases and many. Investigations in which a witness has been accused of accepting a bribe. Let us put our legal knowledge of this criminal offense to work to help you fight charges.

N.R.S. 199.250: Witness Accepting a Bribe

Nevada defines the offense of a witness accepting a bribe in Nevada Revised Statutes section 199.250. This section of Nevada’s code is found within Chapter 199, which is the Chapter of Nevada’s criminal code which defines crimes against public justice.

According to N.R.S. 199.250, any person who is a witness or who may be a witness who either asks for or receives anything of value could potentially be convicted of a crime. A witness is defined broadly to include any person who will provide testimony or evidence in a trial, hearing, investigation, or any proceeding before any court, tribunal, or person who has been authorized to take testimony or hear evidence.

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If a person who is defined as a witness either directly asks for or receives any compensation, reward, gratuity, or promise of compensation, he is considered to be in violation of the law if the receipt of these items of value occurs upon promises that the witness’ testimony will be influenced.

If a witness makes an agreement to be absent from the trial or other proceedings in exchange for items of value or the promise if items of value, this can also be a violation of N.R.S. 199.250.

A witness who is convicted of violating N.R.S. 199.250 will be found guilty of a Category C felony. Felony charges are serious and imprisonment, fines, and other far-reaching consequences are likely to result from a conviction.

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