A Nevada Defense Lawyer Explains What it Means to be Convicted N.R.S. 179B.025

If you are convicted of a sexual offense, the consequences that you must be concerned about go far beyond prison time. Most people who are convicted of a sex crime are required to register as a sex offender. This can result in the community where a defendant lives being provided with information about the offender’s conviction. It can also result in substantial limitations on what a defendant can do for a living, where he can live, and even whether he is permitted to use the computer or to use certain websites. A detailed record of the defendant’s crimes is also made available for law enforcement.

LV Criminal Defense provides representation to those accused of sex crimes with the goal of helping defendants to avoid conviction and the life-changing consequences that can result. You should reach out to talk with Nick Wooldridge – a Nevada defense lawyer at our firm as soon as possible if you are suspected of having committed a sexual offense or if you are facing charges. The sooner we begin to work with you, the sooner we can start putting together a case to get you acquitted or the sooner we can begin working on negotiating a plea deal that could help to keep you off the registry.

In some cases, however, you may have already been convicted of a sexual offense. If this is the case, our legal team can explain to you what your inclusion on the registry means for you and can help you to explore any available options that could help you to try to lessen the consequences associated with your conviction. One of the ways in which we can assist you is in explaining the rules set forth in Nevada’s Code of Criminal Procedure in Chapter 179B, which sets forth the rules for the statewide registry of sex offenders in Nevada.

What Does Convicted Mean for Sex Offender Registration Purposes?

Chapter 179B sets forth many rules and regulations associated with the creation of a registry of sex offenders. However, one of the most important parts of Chapter 179B is the General Provisions section which establishes basic definitions used throughout the rest of Nevada’s laws. You need to understand the legal definitions that are part of Nevada’s sex offender registry rules so you will know what rules apply to you.

For example, N.R.S. 179B.025 defines convicted, which is important because only a convicted sex offender can be included in the statewide registry of sex offenders. According to N.R.S. 179B.025, “convicted” for purposes of determining if you must register as a sex offender has the same definition as “convicted” which is established in N.R.S. 179D.035.

N.R.S. 179D.035 also addresses rules for sex offender registration, but whereas N.R.S. 179B deals with the creation of a centralized database for police as well as the creation of a community notification website, N.R.S. 179D.035 and related statutes deals with the circumstances when registration is required.

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Under N.R.S. 179D.035, convicted for purposes of sex offender registration means a court adjudicating a defendant delinquent who is over 14 and who the court has jurisdiction over. This definition will apply when determining if you’ve been convicted of a sex offense that necessitates registration.

Getting Help from Nevada Criminal Attorneys

Once you have been convicted of a sex offense that results in inclusion on the statewide registry, there is little you can do to try to mitigate the impact.. You do have certain rights, though, and you should make certain that you understand what those rights are and have an advocate helping you to protect them.

Your best course of action if you want to avoid being registered as a sex offender is to reach out to an experienced Las Vegas defense attorney as soon as you have been accused of wrongdoing so you can get the legal help you need to try to get acquitted or negotiate a favorable plea.

LV Criminal Defense has extensive experience representing defendants accused of sex crimes and we can put our knowledge to work to fight for you. Give us a call today to find out about the assistance that we can offer in helping you avoid conviction.

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