Statewide Sex Offender Registry Explained by Las Vegas Defense Lawyer Nicholas Wooldridge

A centralized sex offender registry is maintained by the state of Nevada and, under Nevada law, some details about sex offenders are available to the public while other details are available only to law enforcement. If you are registered as a sex offender and your name and identifying details are placed on this registry or on a community notification website, this can affect your career, relationships, and life within your community.

LV Criminal Defense helps those accused of sexual offenses to try to avoid conviction so they will not have to cope with being classified as a sex offender. We also provide insight into what your rights are as a registered sex offender. Many of the rules related to the state of Nevada’s sex offender registry are found within Nevada’s code of criminal procedure in Chapter 179B and we can explain to you how the statutes within this section of Nevada law affect you.

You should reach out to a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney at our firm to learn more about what the rules and requirements mean to you and to make certain that you are doing everything possible to avoid becoming a registered sex offender whose crimes are made public.

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Statewide Registry Defined

If you are accused of a sex crime or convicted of a sex crime, it is important to understand the basics of what being registered means and how it will impact your life. One of the key things that you need to know is exactly what a statewide sex offender registry is.

Nevada Revised Statute section 179B.130 defines “statewide registry,” as a registry or database of information about convicted sex offenders and about people who commit crimes against a child. Specifically, it is defined as the registry that is created in accordance with the requirements set forth in N.R.S. 179B.200.

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N.R.S. 179B.200 makes the Director responsible for establishing a statewide registry of offenders within the Central Repository. Every offender who is required to register must have his or her information included in the registry in the Central Repository. The information must detail why the offender is registered and must include all information about the offender that is obtained in accordance with the law.

The registry has to include the offender’s name, as well as any aliases he or she goes by. It must include a physical description of the offender and the address where the offender resides. The registry could also include details about where the alleged offense was committed; who the victim was; the ways in which the offender gained access to the victim; the type of offenses committed against the victim; any injuries inflicted upon the victim; and whether any weapons were used.

The registry has to be organized so it is searchable by a law enforcement officer who can input information about the victim, offender, or offense. Access to the information in the registry is restricted and can only be used in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in N.R.S. 179B.

Getting Help from Las Vegas Criminal Lawyers

Being required to register as a sex offender is not something anyone wants, and LV Criminal Defense will fight on your behalf to try to help you avoid this fate. If you have already been convicted of a sexual offense, our defense lawyers can help you to work within the framework of the legal system to try to reduce the impact that registration can have on your life.

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