Las Vegas Defense Lawyers Explain Community Notification Websites – N.R.S. 179B.023

In the state of Nevada, convicted sex offenders will be required to register with law enforcement. State law also provides for the establishment of a central registry which contains detailed information about sex offenders, including information about the nature of their crimes and the characteristics of their victims. While this centralized detailed registry is only searchable by authorized individuals, including members of law enforcement, Nevada law also requires the establishment and maintenance of a community notification website where members of the public can obtain information about convicted sex offenders.

The fact that details about past sex offense convictions are made publicly available can cause significant hardship for those who have a conviction on their record. If you are found guilty of a sex offense, your inclusion on the sex offender registry can impact every aspect of your life. You want to do everything you can to avoid finding yourself in this situation and to fight conviction. Las Vegas criminal lawyers at LV Criminal Defense are here to help. We have experience representing defendants accused of sexual offenses and we will work hard to ensure that you can have the best chance of an acquittal or a plea deal to a lesser offense that does not require you to be listed as a registered offender.

If you are found guilty of a sex offense, we can also provide you with advice on understanding registration requirements, on learning about Nevada laws for community notification of your sex offender status, and on making sure your rights are protected.

Give us a call as soon as possible for help with all legal issues related to sex offender charges or sex offender registrations so we can provide you with the advice you need as you navigate the criminal justice system.

Nevada Laws on Community Notifications About Sex Offenders

Nevada laws found in Chapter 179B of Nevada’s code of criminal procedure address the creation of a sex offender registry as well as the creation of a community notification website. While N.R.S. 179B.200 authorizes the establishment of a registry that is to be used only by police and by authorized officials, N.R.S. 179B.250 through N.R.S. 189B.290 provide authorization and instructions for the creation of a community notification website. This website is intended to provide the public with information about convicted sex offenders and to offer specific information from the statewide sex offender registry to members of the public.

According to N.R.S. 179B.250, the Department must establish and maintain a community notification website within the central repository. The repository must be able to be searched by members of the public and website users must be able to use the repository to obtain information about offenders by searching a specific zip code or by searching within a specific geographical radius. The searches must reveal the names of sex offenders within the user’s designated location and must provide specific information about the offender.

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The sex offender registry and searchable website must include information obtained about convicted sex offenders from throughout the entirety of the state of Nevada. The state’s registry must also contain all necessary search capabilities which are required for the registry to fully participant in the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website, which the Attorney General of the United States maintains under the conditions set forth in 24 U.S. Code section 16920.

In addition to providing information about specific sex offenders within a designated geographic area, the registry should also provide links to safety and education resources related to sex offenders when it is possible to do so, and should include instructions for how site users can take action to correct erroneous information.

When the website is searched, the website should provide the user with the name of the subject of the search, as well as with any aliases that the individual offender has used in the past. It must provide other identifying information about the offender and about the offender’s location, including the zip code of the place where the offender works and lives.

The Central Repository also must provide certain general information to site users as well. For example, the website must have a warning on it stating that the information cannot be used for unlawful purposes such as harassing someone, injuring someone. The website should also include, along with inquiries made to the Central Repository, details about different levels of registration that are assigned to sex offenders under the laws in the state of Nevada. All of this information is necessary both to ensure that the public is properly informed and to help to protect the rights of offenders who are listed on the registry.

Section 179B.280 provides details on what constitutes the misuse of information on the website that is prohibited by law and also explains the civil penalties that could be imposed for the misuse of information. Section 179B.285 explains the criminal penalties that are imposed in the event that information in the sex offender is misused.

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Finally, N.R.S. Section 179B.290 establishes conditions under which the Attorney General can file for injunctive relief in the event that information in the sex offender registry is misused. These rules and regulations preventing harassment and criminal activity against people on the registry are vitally important to attempt to provide protection for registered offenders.

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