Las Vegas Defense Attorney Explains Central Repository Definition

In Nevada, there is a Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History. If you are convicted of a criminal offense, the conviction is reported to the repository. This repository can be accessed by federal and state law enforcement officials as well as by individuals and companies who conduct background checks, such as employers or landlords. The Central Repository also has the responsibility for facilitating the registration of sex offenders and of those who are convicted of crimes against children.

Any defendant facing criminal charges in Nevada needs to understand what the Central Repository is and what impact it will have if a criminal conviction is reported to this Repository. If you are convicted of a sex crime or crime against a child, you also need to know the specific rules for registration with law enforcement. LV Criminal Defense can help.

Our legal team works hard to help defendants avoid conviction so they can stay out of the Central Repository and avoid having to register as an offender. We also provide you with advice on what your registration requirements are so you do not face further consequences. Give us a call today to find out more about how a Vegas defense lawyer can help you.

What is the Central Repository?

The Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History keeps comprehensive criminal records. It also facilitates the registration process for sex offenders and for those convicted of crimes against a minor.

N.R.S. 176.0922 defines the Central Repository as simply the Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History. Various statutes establish requirements for notifying this registry when a defendant has been convicted. For example, N.R.S. 176.0926 stipulates that the court has to notify the Central Repository after someone has been convicted of a crime against a child. N.R.S. 176.0927 has to provide notice of conviction of a sex offense to the Central Repository.

What Does the Central Repository Do?

N.R.S. 179D.450 sets forth some of the duties of the Central Repository. For example, when the Central Repository receives notice that someone has been convicted of a sexual offense or a crime against a child, the Central Repository has to notify local law enforcement so a record of registration can be established. If there is already a record of registration and the Repository is notified of a new conviction, law enforcement must be notified so the registration can be updated.

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If the offender who is named in the notice is not going to be incarcerated, the Repository has to notify local law enforcement and/or law enforcement in the jurisdiction where the defendant intends to reside. Community notification also has to be provided by the Repository when the defendant will be moving into an area.

The Central Repository also has to update registration records, provide community notification when a defendant is released from incarceration, and take action when provided with notice from another jurisdiction about a sex offender moving into Nevada.

Getting Help from Las Vegas Criminal Attorneys

A Las Vegas defense lawyer can provide help if you are accused of a crime for which you will be required to register if convicted. Registration can have a profound impact on every single area of your life. You could be unable to volunteer, live in certain places, or hold certain career positions as a result of your registration. You also face social stigma. You need to try to fight charges or negotiate a plea deal with a prosecutor so you can do everything possible to avoid registration.

Your criminal defense attorney can also help you to make certain you understand both your rights and obligations if you do have to register as a sex offender. Give LV Criminal Defense a call today to find out more about how we can assist you.

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