Vegas Lawyer Explains Record of Registration Definition – N.R.S. 176.0924

Sex offenders and anyone who commits a crime against a child must comply with strict registration requirements. A record of registration must be kept for a defendant who has been convicted and who is required to register. This record can be inspected by law enforcement in the course of his duties and may be provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The record of registration is kept by the Central Repository in the state of Nevada.

Defendants need to understand exactly what is in their record of registration and must comply with the terms of registration when required to do so. The requirements are burdensome, and defendants charged with offenses which could necessitate registration must ensure they do everything they can to fight conviction or get charges reduced. Speaking with an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible is very important. LV Criminal Defense can assist with developing a strategic response to charges aimed at fighting conviction, so give us a call right away.

What is a Record of Registration?

Nevada Revised Statute section 176.0924 states that a record of registration for purposes of both sex offenders and offenders convicted of crimes against children has the meaning which has been ascribed to it in N.R.S. 179D.070. This code section says a Record of Registration is a record that contains all of the information which is required by N.R.S. 179D.151.

It is N.R.S. 179D.151 which details exactly what has to be in the record of registration. This record needs to include:

  • The full name of the convicted offender, as well as information on any aliases the offender has ever used or been known by.
  • A current photograph and/or a complete physical description of the offender.
  • The fingerprints and palm prints of the offender.
  • The offender’s date of birth and Social Security number.
  • The number on the offender’s driver’s license or state ID card and a photocopy of all such identifications.
  • Details on whether the offender’s DNA has been entered into any databases
  • The address or location where the offender lives, and the length of time the offender expects to reside at that particular address.
  • Details on the offender’s employment plans, including the name of current or expected future employers of the offender.
  • Information about any volunteer work the offender is doing or plans to do, including the name and address of the volunteer organization.
  • Details on whether the offender expects to attend or work at any institute of higher education, including the name, address, and type of each institute of higher education.
  • The license plate number of all vehicles which the offender has registered in his name or which the offender drives frequently.
  • The offender’s criminal history, including the dates of all arrests and convictions.
  • The status of the offender’s probation, parole, or supervised release status.
  • The existence of any outstanding warrants for the arrest of the offender.
  • Information on what the defendant was convicted and what law he was convicted under.
  • The name of any penal institution, hospital, or other environment to which the offender was confined as a part of his sentence.
  • The specific method of operation the offender used to commit the crime, including the method by which the offender accessed the victim, any weapons used, the type of injuries inflicted upon the victim, and any other distinctive behaviors or characteristics of the offender.

The details are comprehensive and provide extensive information for law enforcement about anyone who is required to be registered.

How a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

At LV Criminal Defense, we work very hard to help ensure you have the best chance of fighting conviction for an offense which would require registration as part of the consequences. We also provide assistance in understanding all of your obligations under Nevada’s rules for registration. Give us a call today to find out more.

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