A Vegas Defense Lawyer Defines Law Enforcement Officer N.R.S. 179B.070

Law enforcement officer definedNick Wooldridge will help you to try to avoid being convicted of any offense you are accused of committing. You never want to be convicted of any crime if your attorney can help you to get acquitted, but it can be especially important to fight conviction if you are accused of a sex offense. Conviction for a sexual offense can result in you being listed in a centralized registry and can result in you being identified on a community notification website as a sex offender, which can change your life in profound ways.

LV Criminal Defense will work with you to try to identify defenses you can raise and to try to introduce reasonable doubt to avoid conviction. We can also help you, in appropriate circumstances, to try to negotiate a plea agreement which could result in you admitting to a lesser offense that does not require registration. Our goal is always to help you to get the best possible outcomes when you are faced with serious charges.

Sometimes, however, you may have already been convicted of a sex offense by the time you can reach out to our legal team. We can still provide you with help in learning of your rights and obligations under Nevada law. For example, it is important to understand rules set forth in Chapter 179B of Nevada’s criminal procedure code which relate to both a centralized repository for law enforcement as well as a community-based notification website. These rules establish the requirements for the logistics of the creation of a centralized registry which aims to be a powerful tool for police.

Law Enforcement Defined for Purposes of Sex Offender Registration Rules

Within Chapter 179B of Nevada’s laws, there are many rules related to sex offender registration and related to the legal uses of the sex offender registry. For example, there are regulations related to searches of the registry conducted by law enforcement, as well as information on the establishment and maintenance of registry websites and restrictions on the use of information found on the sex offender registry.

It is important that you understand the applicable definitions related to these rules. For example, since the rules address searches of the registry by law enforcement officers, you should know what the definition of a law enforcement officer is.

N.R.S. 179B.070 provides the definition of law enforcement officer for purposes of Chapter 179B. According to the relevant statute, a law enforcement officer includes a prosecuting attorney and an attorney from the office of the Attorney General. Sheriffs; sheriffs’ deputies; offices of police departments of metropolitan areas and incorporated cities; and officers of the Division are all considered to be law enforcement officers. Officers from the Department of Corrections are also considered to be law enforcement officers, as are individuals who are part of any law enforcement agency from other jurisdictions and individuals who have been vested with the power of peace officers who are conducting criminal investigations.

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Any of these individuals classified as “law enforcement officers” can access information on the sex offender registry, in accordance with the rules set forth in N.R.S. 179B.070.

Getting Help from a Las Vegas Defense Attorney

If you are a convicted sex offender, it is important that you understand the implications and that you know your rights. Reach out to LV Criminal Defense today to learn how our legal team can help you with the legal issues related to being registered as a sex offender. If you have been accused of a sex offense but not yet convicted, it is especially important to consult with a Vegas defense attorney at our firm so we can do everything possible to help you put together a strong defense to avoid this fate.

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