Nevada Defense Lawyers Explain Rewards for Apprehension

The goal of state law enforcement is always to apprehend people who are accused of wrongdoing so those individuals can be investigated and, if there is strong evidence of wrongdoing, so those individuals can be prosecuted. Sometimes, police have difficulty finding individuals who are suspected of violating the law. When a suspect is at large and law enforcement wants to find the individual who allegedly committed a crime, rewards may be offered for those who help with the capture of the wanted person.

Unfortunately, rewards can create incentive for people to try to take justice into their own hands and even for individuals to make false accusations or accusations against individuals despite a lack of certainty that the accused did anything wrong. If you are apprehended because someone provides evidence to try to claim a reward, you could face very serious legal problems – even if you are innocent of the offense that you have been accused of.

If you are arrested and anyone who played a role in your arrest was rewarded, you need to understand what your rights are for challenging the accusations against you and defending yourself against the claims of wrongdoing that have been made.

LV Criminal Defense can provide you with assistance when you’ve been arrested, if you are under investigation, if there is a reward out for your apprehension and if you are facing trial.

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Nevada Laws on Rewards for the Apprehension of a Robber

Nevada sets forth the laws for rewards for apprehension of a robber in N.R.S. 179.310.  This statute specifies the circumstances under which a reward may be offered, the amount of the reward to be offered, and the definition of a robber whose apprehension could trigger the reward.

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The law also explains who a reward should be paid to and when the reward money is actually paid out.  It excludes sheriffs, constables and other peace officers who apprehend a robber in the ordinary course of their work duties. In other words, when police arrest a robber, the police officer who makes the arrest is not going to be given the reward specified under N.R.S. 179.310.

While this reward money is for a very specific offense for a very specific purpose, providing funds to someone who is responsible for the arrest of a robber is not the only situation in which reward money is paid out to individuals who provide assistance to police in catching those who have been accused of criminal acts.

Crime Stoppers of Nevada also provides cash rewards to anyone who provides a tip that includes information which directly leads to someone being arrested for a felony offense, that directly leads to the issuance of a felony arrest warrant, or that directly results in a felony indictment. Those who submit tips to crime stoppers can remain anonymous, even when claiming a reward, and the system that is in place makes it possible for Crime Stoppers of Nevada to provide reward payments without mandating names or identification.

Cash rewards that are available through Crime Stoppers of Nevada are paid out only if a tipster directly contacts Crime Stoppers and if the information and tips are processed through crime stoppers. Information which is provided must not already be known to law enforcement in order for a tipster to be rewarded for providing the info.  Crime Stoppers must receive verification from an investigating agency or a detective prior to actually releasing any reward.

Because there are financial rewards available to incentivize people to report criminal offenses, many people do provide tips to law enforcement. This can prompt an investigation and potentially an arrest. Those who are accused of wrongdoing need to make sure they understand the circumstances that prompted the investigation into their conduct and should be aware that irregularities or constitutional violations could result in evidence being suppressed or a case being dismissed.

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Obtaining a Reward for the Apprehension of a Robber

According to N.R.S. 179.310, the governor of the state of Nevada shall offer a “standing reward” of $250 if a robber is arrested. The reward money should be offered when a robber engages in a robbery, or an attempted robbery, against anyone who is in charge of a railroad or other mode of transportation that is transporting passengers.

The reward money should also be offered when a robbery or attempted robbery occurs of a person who is in charge, in whole or in part, of private conveyances.  Finally, reward money should be offered if a person robs, or attempts to rob, any person on a highway located within the state of Nevada.

The statute mandates that the reward money should not be paid until after the conviction of the individual who committed the robbery.  When the conviction has occurred, the reward money must be paid to the person or persons who made the arrest of the robber.

Money for the reward should come from the Reserve for Statutory Contingency Account. The disbursement of the reward funds from this account to the person or persons responsible for the arrest of the robber must be approved by the State Board of Examiners.

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