A Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer Unveils Criminal Procedure Rules in Nevada Chapter 171

Nevada Defense Lawyer Explains Laws on Concealed FirearmsWhen a defendant becomes involved with the criminal justice system, there are many steps leading up to his arrest, trial, and an eventual verdict. At every step of the way, the process of investigating and making a case must be done fairly, and without bias or malice on the part of police or prosecutors.  If a defendant’s rights are violated and a defendant’s due process rights are not respected, a defendant should not be convicted or deprived of life, liberty, or property.

Within each state, there are rules of criminal procedure applicable at every stage of a defendant’s involvement with the criminal justice system. In Nevada, Chapter 171 of Title 14 addresses the rules and requirements for proceeding to commitment.

A defendant under investigation should know the limitations and guidelines set forth within this provision of the Nevada Revised Statutes, but the rules can be complicated. A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer at LV Criminal Defense can provide invaluable assistance. Our legal team has extensive experience representing defendants accused of felony and misdemeanor offenses in Nevada and we can advocate for you and protect you to ensure that your rights are respected.

What Are the Nevada Rules for Proceeding to Commitment?

Chapter 171 of the Nevada Revised Statutes establishes requirements and rules for:

  • Which courts have jurisdiction to preside over trials when defendants are accused of criminal acts.
  • What venue is the most appropriate venue for court proceedings after offenses occur.
  • What the statute of limitation is for various offenses, and what offenses do not have a statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is the length of time a prosecutor has to bring charges against a defendant for a criminal offense.
  • Who may accept criminal complaints, and what is required when a complaint is made.
  • Arrest procedures.
  • Probable cause for arrest.
  • Arrests for certain individuals, including those with disabilities.
  • Execution of warrants
  • Peace officer investigations of various crimes, including domestic violence and allegations of sexual offenses.
  • Fingerprinting of individuals detained and cited for suspected domestic violence.
  • Temporary detentions by peace officers of individuals suspected of criminal behavior, and limitations on temporary detentions.
  • The use of deadly force in order to effect arrest.
  • When weapons can be taken from people who are arrested.
  • Rights of person’s arrested to make telephone calls.
  • When people who are detained for misdemeanor offenses must be taken before a magistrate.
  • The issuance of citations for misdemeanor offenses.
  • The process for defendants appearing before a magistrate.
  • The procedure for appointment of an attorney.
  • The rights of defendants before interrogation.

These are just a few of the many different issues that are addressed within Chapter 171 of the Nevada Revised Statutes. Many defendants are unaware of the sheer number of rules and regulations that apply to every interaction with police and with court officials. Knowing your rights is the key to enforcing them- which is why it is so important for you to have an experienced attorney representing your interests.

How a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

At LV Criminal Defense, our legal team has dedicated our careers to providing representation to defendants who are navigating the criminal justice system. When police arrest or investigate you, you are thrust into an unfamiliar world with rules you don’t know and with regulations that could shape your future.  You deserve to have a knowledgeable advocate who understands all of the Nevada rules of criminal procedure, especially those rules that are designed to protect you when you are under investigation or prosecutors are trying to make a case against you.

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Give us a call as soon as you become involved in a criminal case so we can use our legal knowledge to ensure that prosecutors and police follow the procedural rules designed to ensure fairness and protect your rights.  If your rights are violated, you could have evidence suppressed, a case dismissed, and even file a lawsuit for civil rights violations- so don’t hesitate to get in touch with an attorney rather than trying to face prosecution on your own.

More Information

The criminal process in Nevada involves many “characters” and personalities, as well as written rules and unwritten procedures. A conviction can result in a loss of freedom due to jail time and loss of rights to custody of children, immigration status, to carry a weapon, to vote, or the right to work in certain industries. For sex crimes, you may be required to register as a sex offender which can be devastating to your future.

Due to the complexity of the system and the potential loss of significant rights, your best bet is to retain LV Criminal Defense – a group of  highly qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyers who can defend you if you have been arrested.

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Address: 400 S, 7th Street #401, Las Vegas, NV 89101 United States, 400 S, 7th Street #401, 89101, US, $$$ | Tel: + 1 (702) 623-6362

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