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The following are examples of past criminal cases where we have provided representation. Feel free to browse our case results to learn about the types of past cases that our Nevada criminal defense lawyers have handled. Every case is different and you need to have your own case evaluated by an experienced attorney who can provide advice specific to your situation.

2018 Cases Results

Elder Abuse

Client was charged with abuse of an elderly or vulnerable person and was facing a lengthy jail sentence for the offense. Instead, thanks to LV Criminal Defense, the case was dismissed.

Weapons Charges

Client was charged with both ownership of a firearm by a prohibited person and discharging a weapon where a person might be endangered after discharging a weapon into an occupied vehicle. Although the client was facing jail time for two weapons charges, our legal team helped him to get the case resolved with a sentence of probation only.

21 Counts of Theft

Client was charged with 21 different counts of theft, including grand theft of items valued at more than $3,500. Although jail time was a real possibility both due to the number of charges and the value of the allegedly stolen items, LV Criminal Defense was able to get all 21 charges dismissed.


Client was charged with soliciting a prostitute and engaging in prostitution. While the client was facing not only jail time but also a record of a soliciting charge that could impact future opportunities, our legal team was able to get the charge pled down to disturbing of the peace with no jail sentence.

Stolen Merchandise

Client as accused of possessing stolen merchandise and was facing a potential felony conviction. We provided pre-arrest representation and were able to resolve the case without arrest so no record of the incident would affect his future.

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Sale of Controlled Substance

Client was facing two drug charges related to sale of a controlled substance. Instead of prison time, LV Criminal Defense was able to get the case resolved with out client facing only probation.

Kidnapping, Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse

Client was charged with first degree kidnapping of a minor, sex trafficking of a child under the age of 18, and child abuse or neglect. Thanks to our skillful representation, our client was sentenced to probation only instead of a lengthy prison sentence that could have resulted in decades of incarceration.

Battery and Domestic Violence

LV Criminal Defense has represented several defendants facing charges associated with battery; battery constituting domestic violence; battery involving strangulation; and battery involving serious bodily harm. Clients were facing the potential for lengthy prison sentences and, in some cases, felony convictions. Instead, cases were resolved with probation and reduced charges thanks to LV Criminal Defense.

Lewdness with a Child Under the Age of 14

Client was not only looking at the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, but also being required to register as a sex offender. LV Criminal Defense was able to resolve the serious charges with probation only, and the defendant was kept off the sex offender registry because the charge were reduced to a non-registerable offense.

Theft and Conspiracy to Commit Theft

Client was facing felony charges and the potential for a lengthy jail sentence. Our legal team was able to get the charges reduced to petit larceny instead and client did not have to serve any time in jail.

Obstruction of Justice

United States vs. Azamat Tazhayakov

Azamat Tazhayakov faced federal charges of obstruction of justice in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts (13-CR-10238). Mr. Tazhayakov was also charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. Both charges arose out of his connection with the alleged perpetrator of the Boston marathon bombing. The jury verdict split, with half finding Mr. Tazhayakov guilty and the other half finding him not guilty.

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Assault, Battery, and Crimes Against People

State of New York vs. Igor Daykhin

Client was charged with assault in the second degree in Superior Court Criminal Term in Kings County Brooklyn (2011KNO59827). Mr. Daykhin also faced charges of criminal contempt. The case proceeded to a trial by jury. Serving as lead counsel, we subpoenaed FBI agents who had interviewed complaints in the past and who were able to testify about prior inconsistent statements that were made. The Government argued that the state court judge did not have the jurisdiction to subpoena the FBI agents, resulting in negotiations with the government to either litigate in federal court or bring the agents to state court. The government agreed to permit the agent to testify and the testimony was likely one of the deciding factors that resulted in a verdict or not guilty.

State of Nevada vs. Joseph Allison

Client was charged with multiple criminal counts in a District Court in Carson City Nevada (14 CR 00126 1B). The charges stemmed from complainant’s accusations that the defendant had stabbed the complainant multiple times. The case proceeded to jury trial and ended with a hung jury.

State of New York vs. Marcus Cesaire

The client was charged with multiple counts of assault and criminal contempt in a Nassau County, New York Court. (2009NA020420) We served as lead counsel in the jury trial. The client was found not guilty on all criminal counts.

State of New York vs. Marcus Cesaire

The client was charged with aggravated harassment and criminal contempt. We served as lead counsel in a jury trial and the client was found not guilty of the charges.

State of New York vs. Dmitry Valenski

Client was charged with domestic violence related offenses in New York State criminal court in Kings County, Brooklyn. After a jury trial, client was acquitted of all counts.

USA v. Maksimiyk

Client was accused of offenses involving international slavery. We provided legal representation and client was sentenced to a short sentence of time served. (1:08-cr-00967-RPP)

Drug and Alcohol Offenses:

State of New York vs. Ali Muradov

Client faced three charges in a Kings County, Brooklyn NY court, all arising from allegedly driving while impaired. Client was charged with driving while ability impaired; driving while intoxicated per se; and driving under the influence (VTL Sections 1192(1), 1192(2), 1192(3)). The case was resolved in a jury trial and we served as lead counsel. We were able to successfully discredit the prosecutor’s expect witnesses who testified on an extrapolation theory. The client was acquitted of all criminal courts and was only found guilty of a violation (driving while ability impaired) rather than a crime.

State of New York vs. Vladimir Solovyev

Client was charged with driving while intoxicated per se, and driving while intoxicated. The case was brought in Kings County criminal state court in Brooklyn, NY. Serving as the lead counsel, the case proceeding to the trial state. We represented the client in both a Huntley hearing and a Dunaway hearing, and we cross-examined the officers involved in the arrest. Following the hearings and before jury selection, the prosecutor offered to charge the client with the violation of driving while ability impaired and to drop the criminal charges. The client was on supervised release from a federal case at the time and accepted the violation because a conviction for a crime could have resulted in imprisonment.

USA v. Orozco

Client was accused of having approximately 20 pounds of illegal substances including heroin and meth. We provided legal representation in the resulting drug crimes case. (3:13-cr-00048-MMD-WGC)

USA v. Babikyan

Client was accused of trafficking in bath salts and spice. We provided legal representation in the drug crimes case and the client was sentenced to a short period of prison time in major variance of sentencing guidelines. (7:13-cr-00896-VB)

USA v. Nazarov

We provided legal representation to a client facing charges under controlled substances laws. Client had allegedly been found in possession of large quantities of marijuana. We were able to get all charges dropped.

Weapons Offenses

United States vs. Sergei Boltutskiy

Client was charged with various criminal counts under the Arms Export Control Act in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. The charges against the client included Conspiracy to Violate the Arms Export Control Act (18 U.S.C. Section 371), as well as other offenses including Conspiracy to Violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. Section 1705) and Conspiracy to launder money instruments (18 U.S.C. Section 1956(h)). Client pled guilty to three counts, and we served as lead counsel in a highly litigated two-day sentencing hearing. Numerous experts and witnesses were cross-examined and client received a favorable sentence.


State of New York vs. Thomas Siano

Client was charged with weapons offenses in the Supreme Court Criminal Term of Kings County in Brooklyn, NY. (Indictment No. 2759-2010) Charges alleged that client was in criminal possession of weapons including 30 long arms and firearms. We represented the client during pre-trial hearings including both a Huntley hearing and a Dunaway hearing. There were more than three years of litigation during which time the state had law enforcement officers testify that there was probable cause to stop the defendant and that the defendant’s statements were voluntary. Prior to trial, the state made a reasonable offer to allow the defendant to serve a sentence of 1 2/3 years. The client accepted the offer.

Sex Crimes

USA v. Shynkarenko

Client was accused of involvement in child pornography, including servicing payments for child pornography and providing access to illegal websites and content. The case was one of the largest child pornography cases in the history of the United States. (2:08-cr-00625-WHW)

USA v. Shane Deric Bateman

Client faced federal charges for allegedly promoting prostitution of a minor. We represented the client and were able to negotiate a plea arrangement to a crime that did not have a mandatory minimum sentence. During the sentencing hearing, the judge granted the client a downward of sentencing guidelines.

Theft, Extortion, Insurance Fraud and Property Crimes

USA v. Volov

Client was accused of involvement with a major monetary fraud scheme that caused millions of dollars in losses. The fraud was related to insurance companies, medical and health clinics. Client received a non-custodial sentence and was put on probation, serving no jail time. (1:08-cr-00731-JGK)

New York State vs. Alexander Lazebnikov

Client was charged with theft in New York State criminal Court in Kings County, Brooklyn. The client was acquitted of the criminal charges.

Allstate Insurance Company et al v. Batsiyan et al

We provided legal representation to clients who were accused of defrauding insurance companies of millions of dollars. The insurance fraud case was litigated, but settled favorably on behalf of our clients. (1:05-cv-05933-SJ-VVP)

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. Grafman et al

Our clients were accused of allegedly defrauding insurance companies of millions of dollars of losses in a large insurance fraud case. We provided representation during litigation and the case settled favorably on behalf of our clients. (1:04-cv-02609-NG-SMG).

USA v. Martin

Client was accused of involvement with a large conspiracy to commit identity theft. Client was awaiting sentence on the identity fraud charges when he allegedly reoffended. Notwithstanding the new offense, he was sentenced to a short term of jail time, varying significantly from guidelines.

USA v. Komar

We provided legal representation in a Fatico hearing to determine loss amounts in a mortgage fraud case. The government alleged losses significantly higher than those preferred by the defendant. The federal judge sided with the defense and held that the amounts of loss were not as high as alleged by the government.

USA v. Levin et al

We provided legal representation to client in a case alleging insurance fraud. The client was sentenced to probation instead of jail time. (05-cr-00186-HKS-28)

USA v. Kaplan et al

Our client was one of several defendants charged with insurance fraud. The client that we represented was the only one of the defendants who received a non-custodial sentence. (1:11-cr-00892-RMB-8)

USA v. Horohorin

Client was charged as part of a major federal fraud case involving credit card fraud in multiple federal districts. Estimated losses from the credit card fraud scheme allegedly exceeded $50,000,000. Client was sentenced to a relatively short period of imprisonment.

USA vs. Alexander Yakovlev

We provided legal representation for a client accused of taking bribes and kickbacks. The client worked for the United Nations at the time when he allegedly accepted bribes and received kickbacks when helping to get contracts through the procurement process. Our client was accused of taking kickbacks with a value of almost $1 million. The client received a non-custodial sentence.

Bank and Wire Fraud

United States vs. Komar

Client was involved in a contested sentencing hearing related to the amount of loss in bank and wire fraud cases. The hearing occurred in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (1:11-cr-00068-RJS). We served as lead counsel for the client during a full Fatico Hearing. Expert witnesses were presented to testify on the value of the restitution and how losses should be calculated. We performed both direct exams of experts and cross examinations. A satisfying resolution was reached on the issue of restitution.

USA v. Kardyukov

Client was accused of wire fraud and mail fraud. The charges arose from the alleged theft of credit card numbers and the use of an unauthorized access device. There were large amounts of loss. The client received a short jails sentence lasting around three months. (1:08-cr-00105-CBA)

USA v. Yastremskiy et al

Client was accused of involvement with fraud schemes with an estimated $50,000,000 in losses. Client was charged with mail fraud and wire fraud. While his co-defendant received a sentence of more than 20 years in prison, our client received a relatively brief sentence of imprisonment. (08-cr-00160-SJF-AKT-2)

Computer Crimes

USA v. Nikolaenko

We provided legal representation to an alleged hacker from Russia in a high-profile criminal case. Our client was sentenced to time served.

Probation and Parole Violations

United States vs. Grigori Baranick

Client was accused of violating supervised release requirements and charged in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York (01-CR-1368-01). The court determined that a violation had, in fact, occurred. However, the court also found that the alleged violation was not as serious as the government had pleaded it was. The court told the government and defense counsel to negotiate and agree on an appropriate consequence for the minor violation. The client was imprisoned for a short period of time, and no longer required to remain under supervision on supervised release.

Criminal Procedure and Defendant’s Rights

State of New York vs. Yan Vaynberg

We served as lead counsel in a Huntley hearing in the New York Criminal Court in Richmond County, located in Staten Island. The hearing was to determine whether a defendant’s statements were made voluntarily. We presented defense witnesses and the court ultimately determined that the defendant did not understand the Miranda rights and thus could not waive those rights. As a result, the defendant’s statements were considered involuntary and the defendant was able to resolve the underlying criminal charges through non-criminal disposition.

Immigration Removal Proceedings

In the Matter of Alexander Lazebnikov

We served as lead counsel for Mr. Lazebnikov in the United States Immigration Court in Manhattan. Immigration had placed a hold on Mr. Lazebnikov release following a criminal trial because Mr. Lazebnikov had numerous past criminal convictions. The government sought to remove Mr. Lazebnikov in a removal proceeding. We successfully represented Mr. Lazebnikov and he was granted asylum, released, and allowed to remain within the United States.

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Other Cases

In Re Estate of Samuel Kirschenbaum.

Estate litigation arose involving the probating of a will. We provided legal representation to the petitioner/executor in the estate litigation in Kings County, Brooklyn. The case progressed to a jury trial and halfway through the trial, we were able to settle the case favorably.

Vogster Entertainment, LLC v. Mostovoy et al

We provided representation to clients in a case involving intellectual property rights and an alleged breach of contract. A favorable settlement was reached after litigation began.