Nevada Defense Attorney Explains Crimes Against the Legislative Power

Nevada Defense Attorney Explains Crimes Against the Legislative PowerThose in the executive and legislative branch who are elected or appointed to serve the public must fulfill their obligations and duties in accordance with the law. Elected officials and legislatures are held to a high standard of morality and decency and are expected to obey the rules governing their exercise of power. Stepping out of bounds and failing to behave morally or ethically could, in many cases, lead to criminal charge against the public officials or lawmakers.

There are several chapters of Nevada law, found in Title 15, that detail offenses which could be committed by or in connection with lawmakers and executive branch officials. One such chapter, Chapter 197, criminalizes offenses by and against the executive power of the estate. This chapter of Nevada law outlaws bribery, oppression under the color of public office, and misconduct of public officers, among other offenses.

However, it is not only corruption in the executive branch that is a concern. It is also important to the efficient function of government to ensure that there is no corruption in the legislative branch either. The section of Nevada’s law that prohibits corruption within the legislative branch is found in Title 15 in Chapter 198, which defines crimes against the legislative power.

If you are accused of crimes against the legislative power, it is imperative that you understand the consequences that could result from conviction for this offense. You need to work to identify an appropriate legal strategy to reduce the likelihood that you will be found guilty or to lessen the penalties that you face. You should not try to handle this on your own, as your freedom, career, and future reputation could be at stake.

LV Criminal Defense is here to help. Our legal team will work closely with you to fight serious charges associated with crimes against the legislative power. We can fight aggressively to protect your legal interests and to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome when you have been accused of a crime related to legislative power in the state of Nevada.

To find out about the assistance that our firm can provide to you in connection with offenses found in Chapter 198 of Nevada law, give us a call today. A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can evaluate the evidence against you and assist you in creating the best legal plan to fight charges. Just give us a call now to find out more.

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Nevada Laws on Crimes Against the Legislative Power

Within Chapter 198 of Title 15 of Nevada’s code, Nevada Revised Statute section 198.010 defines crimes against the legislative power. N.R.S. 198.010 prohibits improperly influencing a member of the legislative body.

N.R.S. 198.010 defines the offense of improperly influencing a member of the legislative body as seeking to obtain money or other items of value under the pretense, claim, or representation that you can influence a member of the legislative body. Any person who tries to obtain money or property by promising influence can be charged with a crime under N.R.S. 198.010.

N.R.S. 198.010 indicates that a person can be convicted of crimes against the legislative power by asking for items of value by implying improper influence in regards to any legislative action or any vote. This means a prosecutor simply has to prove you coerced someone to give you items of value by promising to influence how a legislature acted in any official capacity.

The offense of improperly influencing members of the legislative body is a gross misdemeanor offense. A gross misdemeanor is a more serious crime than a simple misdemeanor. Nevada Revised Statute section 193.140 explains the potential punishment for a gross misdemeanor offense.

Under N.R.S. 193.140, if you are convicted of a gross misdemeanor offense, you could be sentenced to one year of imprisonment in the county jail. You could also potentially be fined a maximum penalty of $2,000 for this offense. These penalties are serious ones that can derail your life if you are convicted of committing crimes against the legislative power. You want to do everything you can try to reduce the chances that you will be found guilty of this offense if you have come under investigation or if you have been charged.

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When you come under investigation for an offense like improperly influencing a member of the legislative body, the accusation alone can be enough to damage your reputation. You want to try to resolve your case as quickly and quietly as possible and you want to work towards achieving the most favorable outcome that is possible in light of the evidence. Being represented by an experienced attorney who knows Nevada law inside and out is vitally important to help ensure that you reduce the chances of being found guilty or at least reduce the chances of going to jail.

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