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Within the state of Nevada, Chapter 179B of the state’s code of criminal procedure provides details about the creation of a centralized registry to contain information about sex crimes and information about sex offenders. This Chapter of the Nevada Code provides the authority for the creation of a centralized repository and also details the type of information that can be kept within the repository. Chapter 179B also provides details on how the information in the state’s sex offender registry can be utilized and who can access the information. The creation of a community notification website, which allows users to search for details about sex offenders online, is also authorized by Chapter 179B.

If you are accused of a sex crime, you should be aware that there is a very real chance that a conviction for this offense will lead to your information being listed on a database of sex offenders, which can have profound consequences for every aspect of your future. This can be avoided by avoiding conviction for the offense you have been accused of or, in some cases, by working out a plea deal where you admit guilt to a lesser offense that will not require you to be listed on the sex offender registry. You should work with a Las Vegas defense attorney to get help fighting charges or negotiating a plea deal so you can reduce the chances that you will have to register as a sex offender.

LV Criminal Defense has extensive experience providing representation to defendants who have been accused of sex crimes. We work very hard on every case we handle and we bring extensive legal experience to the table to help you fight charges so you can avoid a life-changing conviction. If you have been found guilty of a sex offense, we also help you to understand all of the rules that are applicable to sex offender registration and that apply to the use of the information maintained in the registry.

You have legal rights, even after you are convicted of a sex offense, and you need to make sure that you understand how to make the justice system work for you at all phases of your criminal case. To find out more about how an attorney can help you, give us a call today.

Nevada Rules on The Disclosure of Information

Nevada’s code of criminal procedure has a section related to the establishment of a registry of sex offenders and a section related to the creation of a community notification website that provides information about sex offenders. The regulations related to registries and the community notification website are found in Chapter 179B of Nevada’s criminal procedure code.

Within Chapter 179B, section 179B.200 authorizes the creation of a central registry, specifies the type of information that should be included within the registry, and limits who can access details about sex offenders, about the nature of their crime, and about the characteristics of the victims of sex offenders. Sections 179B.250 through 179B.290 provide information on the creation of a community notification website, the kinds of information that can be made available on this website, and the limitations on the use of the information. For example, information about sex offenders found on the community notification website cannot be used to harass or commit criminal acts against registered offenders.

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The rules set forth within Chapter 179B aim to protect the public safety through the creation of a database of sex offenders that law enforcement officers can search when investigating crimes and through the creation of the website that individuals can search. Offenders are provided with very limited protections in the form of limitations on the way in which information is used.

Victims are also provided with protection under N.R.S. 179B.300. This section of Nevada’s code mandates that there is a prohibition on disclosing the name of a victim of a sex crime. The community notification website should not provide the name of the victim who was harmed by the sex offense. This ensures that when people conduct a search of the website to try to find out about a particular sex offender or to try to find out about sex offenders in their area, the search does not also turn up identifying information about the victim of the crime.

Finally, police and other members of law enforcement are also protected from being held legally accountable for the ways in which they use information in the registry of sex offenders. While there are prohibitions against disclosing the names of victims of sex offenses and other rules related to the dissemination of information about sex offenses, law enforcement officers and agencies are immune from civil or criminal liability for most acts or omissions relevant to maintaining, obtaining or disclosing information in the state of Nevada’s central repository.

Police, investigators, and other law enforcement officials cannot be held liable under the law for acts or omissions related to any information contained in the central registry. This includes being immune from liability for inaccurate information, being immune from liability for making a disclosure, and being immune from liability for failure to make a disclosure. These protections are important to ensure that officials do not find themselves facing legal action as they utilize Nevada’s information

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Vegas defense lawyers at LV Criminal Defense will provide comprehensive help to defendants who have been accused of sex crimes with the goal of avoiding or reducing criminal penalties and protecting your freedom and future. If you have been convicted of a sex offense, we know Nevada’s laws on sex offender registration inside and out and can provide the help and advice you need to understand the protections that are in place under the law.

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