NRS 217.160 – Overview of the Victims of Crime Who May be Awarded Compensation

Victims of Crime Who May be Awarded CompensationIf you or your loved one has suffered personal injuries or related injuries, you can receive compensation reward from the plaintiff by applying to the compensation officer. Your application must meet specific requirements before being considered for compensation.

What is a Compensation Reward under Nevada Laws?


According to NRS 217.160, a compensation reward is the amount of money given to a victim of certain criminal acts in a court case. A compensation officer may offer a reward to, or for the benefit of the victim, following the court ruling. The reward is also given if the court finds that the victim suffered personal injuries or to a person, who is responsible for taking care of the affected person, or anyone who has incurred expenses due to the injuries. The law also directs the compensation officer to consider if the victim is dead for the dependents to receive compensation.

Pursuant to NRS 33.018, minors, who are household members or the immediate family members of the victim of a battery, are entitled to compensation. Victims of domestic violence, such as a battery, may require physiological evaluation and treatment following emotional trauma.

NRS 200.010 states that a victim’s household or immediate family may receive compensation for psychological evaluation following a crime or murder.

Definition of Battery Under Chapter 217 of the Nevada Revised Statutes

According to paragraph (a) of subsection 1 of NRS 200.481, the battery is an unlawful or lawful use of force or violence against another person. The chapter uses the word battery to refer to persons living within a household.

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Definition of “Household” Under Chapter 217 of the Nevada Revised Statutes

It is an association of people living or dwelling in the same home. However, they must have the following qualities:

  1. Have a unique personal tie to the victim; or
  2.  Are related to the victim based on blood, adoption, or marriage by being a direct descendent of the victim by sharing an ancestor.

Definition of “Immediate Family Member” Under Chapter 217 of the Nevada Revised Statutes

According to NV Rev Stat § 678.130 (2013), an immediate family member is any victim’s relative by being a descendant by the same ancestor or marriage, of a member staying in the household. It includes foster or adopted children.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Time Limit

Personal injuries make up the most significant percentage for compensation claims in the United States. The time limit to file a complaint is essential in establishing the facts to the case. Nevada’s Statute of Limitation places a time limit of up to two years after the date of the accident, to file a lawsuit. The court will most-likely not consider a case of compensation after the two-year deadline.

Comparative Negligence in Nevada Law

According to NRS 41.141, the court considers a circumstance where one or more of the defendants was responsible for at least 50 percent of the accident in comparative negligence or shared fault claim. The law allows the plaintiff to recover an agreed percentage of the plaintiff’s damages based on the evidence presented. However, it is not easy to determine a comparative negligence claim in Nevada State.

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Address: 400 S, 7th Street #401, Las Vegas, NV 89101 United States, 400 S, 7th Street #401, 89101, US, $$$ | Tel: + 1 (702) 623-6362

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