Nevada Defense Attorney Explains Inducing Lawsuit Crimes

Inducing Lawsuit CrimesThe civil justice system provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to air private grievances and seek legal remedies from the court when they were wronged. While the civil justice system serves as an important equalizer by allowing anyone to take their grievances to court to seek redress, being sued can have serious consequences for defendants, even if those defendants ultimately prevail in the case or if the lawsuit is dropped.

The mere fact of a lawsuit can be damaging to an individual or business reputation and the costs associated with defending against a lawsuit can be burdensome.

To protect the integrity of the justice system and to ensure that individuals are not sued without justification, Nevada law imposes certain rules and regulations in connection with the operation of the justice system. For example, one Nevada law makes it a criminal offense to improperly induce a lawsuit. This offense is defined in Chapter 199, which is the Chapter of the Nevada code that deals with crimes against public justice.

If you have been accused of inducing a lawsuit, you need to get legal help from a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney who understands the right approach to resolving these types of criminal charges. LV Criminal Defense can provide you with representation as you fight charges. You should give us a call as soon as possible to talk with an experienced Nevada defense attorney at our firm to find out how our firm can help you to try to avoid conviction or reduce the possible penalties that you could face if convicted.

Nevada Laws on Inducing a Lawsuit

Nevada defines the offense of improperly inducing a lawsuit in Nevada Revised Statute section 199.320. According to the relevant statute, it is unlawful to bring a lawsuit, to instigate a lawsuit, or to encourage others to bring a lawsuit if the goal of the lawsuit is to distress the defendant named in the lawsuit or if the goal of the lawsuit is to harass the defendant who has been named in the lawsuit.

To secure a conviction for improperly inducing a lawsuit, the prosecutor will need to demonstrate that the goal of the lawsuit was not to seek redress or to resolve a grievance, but instead was to cause harm to the person who was named as a defendant in the legal claim.

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A defendant who has been convicted of this offense will be found guilty of a misdemeanor charge. Misdemeanor criminal offenses can leave a defendant with a criminal record that affects future opportunities. Both jail time as well as fines and a variety of other criminal penalties could be imposed upon defendants found guilty of a misdemeanor offense for inducing a lawsuit or causing someone else to bring a lawsuit for purposes of harassing or harming the named defendant in the lawsuit.

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A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can provide representation to any defendant who has been accused of using the civil justice system improperly to bring suit for purposes of harassment or to cause someone else to bring suit to distress or harass a defendant named in the case.

There are different defense options you can raise to try to avoid being convicted of this crime or to avoid being convicted of any other offenses against public justice which you are accused of.

You can introduce reasonable doubt as to whether the prosecutor has proved your guilt in order to be acquitted or you can raise affirmative defenses proving your actions were justified. If you do not want to take your case to trial, we can also provide help negotiating a plea agreement to reduce the consequences that could be associated with a conviction. To find out more about how we can help you, call LV Criminal Defense today.

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