Nevada Defense Lawyer Explains Intimidation Crimes

Nevada Defense LawyerA Nevada defense lawyer provides representation to defendants who have been accused of an offense against public justice. There are many different offenses that are considered crimes against public justice as outlined in Title 15, Chapter 199 of the Nevada code. One such offense is the intimidation of public officers and other public officials.

Intimidating officials within the criminal justice system who have been vested with the responsibility to make sure that system works can interfere with the enforcement of justice. As a result, Nevada takes intimidation offense seriously and imposes harsh punishment upon defendants who are convicted of intimidating a public officer or other public official.

If you have been accused of a crime related to intimidation of a public officer, public employee, juror, referee, arbitrator, appraiser, assessor, or similar person with official capacity or official duties, you could be arrested and charged with an offense under Nevada Revised Statute section 199.300.

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Intimidation of Public Officer, Public Employees, or Similar Persons

Nevada Revised Statute section 199.300 defines the offense of intimidating a public officer, public employee, juror, referee, appraiser, assessor, or similar person.

According to the relevant statute, you are prohibited from intimidating or making any threats to these public officials, either directly or indirectly, in order to induce a person to act in a manner contrary to his duty to hear or determine a controversy or matter. To prove that you committed this offense, a prosecutor not only must show that you intimidated or made threats to a public official but must specifically show that you did so with the intent to make the person act or fail to act in accordance with his duties. The statute indicates that you can be convicted if you attempt to make the person modify, delay, or alter any act, determination or decision.

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The unlawful threat could take the form of a threat to cause bodily injury; a threat to cause physical damage; or a threat to cause the public official or any other person to be physically confined or restrained. The illegal act could also take the form of taking any other action not authorized by law that is intended to threaten or harm with respect to health, safety, personal relationships, business or financial condition.

However, the statute makes clear that the provisions of 199.130 should not be construed as preventing a person from making good-faith statements to report misconduct or malfeasance committed by public officials.

The penalties for violating N.R.S. 199.300 and unlawfully intimidating a public official or arbitrator will vary depending upon the nature of the threat or intimidation. For a first offense in which the threat involved physical force or the threat of physical force, the crime is considered a Category C felony. A repeat offense involving physical force or the threat of force is a category B felony with a minimum prison term of two years, a maximum prison term of 10 years, and a fine up to $10,000.

If no physical force is used or no threat of physical force is used, then the offense is a gross misdemeanor which means it could be punished by up to a year in county jail and/or a fine up to $2,000.

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