Vegas Criminal Lawyer Explains Witness Intimidation Offense

Falsifying accountsIn the state of Nevada, there are laws in place to ensure that the criminal justice system is able to operate properly. One of the most important of these laws is a rule that prohibits the intimidation of victims and witnesses.

The offense of preventing or dissuading a victim from reporting a crime is defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 199.305, which is found within Chapter 199 of Title 15. Chapter 199 is the section of Nevada’s penal code that relates to offenses against public justice.

If you are accused of violating any of the provisions of Chapter 199, including the law against preventing or dissuading witnesses from reporting crime, you should contact a Las Vegas defense attorney as soon as possible. LV Criminal Defense can provide you with representation in fighting the serious charges that could result if prosecutors believe that you took action to stop a victim from making use of the criminal justice system to take action after wrongdoing has occurred.

Our dedicated and experienced legal team can help you to respond to charges, fight conviction, or negotiate a plea agreement that will result in reduced penalties. The best course of action will depend upon the specifics of your situation, so you should give us a call as soon as you are under arrest to find out how our firm can help you to fight charges.

Nevada Laws on Preventing or Dissuading Victims for Reporting Crimes

Nevada Revised Statute 199.305 prohibits conduct that would dissuade a victim from reporting a crime, from commencing prosecution, or from taking action that could result in an arrest. The same statute also prohibits preventing or dissuading a person acting on behalf of the victim from reporting a crime, commencing prosecution, or causing arrest.

The conduct that is prohibited includes intimidating or threatening a victim or person acting on behalf of a victim. Te law applies in situations where a victim or a person acting on behalf of a victim is dissuaded from reporting a crime to a judge; a peace officer; a parole officer; a probation officer; a prosecuting attorney; or any employee with the Department of Corrections or at a juvenile correctional institution.

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The law also applies in situations where an attempt is made to prevent or dissuade a victim from commencing a criminal prosecution; where an attempt is made to prevent or dissuade a victim from initiating proceedings for parole or probation to be revoked; or where a victim seeks assistance initiating in a prosecution or proceeding to revoke parole or probation.

If there is an attempt made to prevent or dissuade a victim from reporting a crime, or taking other actions that delay or hinder officials in making an arrest, the person who has made this attempt to interfere with the criminal justice process can be charged with a Category D felony. The penalties for this felony offense are serious and include possible jail time and fines, among other consequences.

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A Las Vegas criminal lawyer at LV Criminal Defense can help you to take appropriate action if you are accused of preventing or dissaving a victim from making a complaint, pressing charges, talking to prosecutors, or otherwise taking steps that could lead to arrest, prosecution or conviction.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team has helped many defendants to fight serious felony charges not just for this offense but for any crimes against public justice as outlined in N.R.S. 199.305. To find out more about how our firm can help you, give us a call today.

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