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Nevada law has strict rules designed to protect the relationship between parent and child. One such rule is found within Chapter 199 of Nevada’s code. Chapter 199 is the part of Nevada’s code that details offenses against public justice. There are a wide variety of different offenses that are considered to be crimes against public justice, and defendants need to understand what types of behavior are made unlawful by Chapter 199 and what options they have for responding to criminal charges when they have been accused of wrongdoing.

LV Criminal Defense is here to help. Our dedicated and experienced legal team has provided representation to clients accused of all different crimes including offenses found within Chapter 199. To find out more about how our legal team can provide assistance when you’re under investigation or if you have been accused of wrongdoing, give us a call today.

Substitution of Child Under Nevada Law

One of the key laws protecting the parent-child relationship that is found in Chapter 199 relates to the substitution of a child. This rule is found in the Nevada Revised Statute section 199.370.

According to the relevant statutes, it is a crime to substitute one child for another when that child is in your care. The statute indicates that any person who has been entrusted with a child for education, nursing, or other purposes cannot substitute or produce a different child to the child’s parent, guardian, or other relatives. The statute indicates that this crime is an intent crime. This means a prosecutor must prove that you produced a different child to the parent, guardian, or relative for the purposes of deceiving that parent, guardian, or relative.

The substitution of a child with an intent to deceive a parent, guardian, or relative is a category B felony offense. The potential punishment for the offense includes a minimum of one-year imprisonment. The maximum term of imprisonment for the substitution of a child is 10 years. In addition to the possible imprisonment, a conviction for substitution of a child under N.R.S. 199.370 can also result in a maximum fine of up to $10,000.

Because the offense is a felony offense, a conviction also means that you would be left with a felony criminal record. Felonies are more serious than a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor offenses and the felony on your record can affect your job prospects and your rights going forward.

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Whenever you are charged with any felony offense, including the substitution of a child under Nevada Revised Statute section 199.370, you need to take the charges very seriously. A conviction can affect every aspect of your life, and because this offense has a mandatory minimum prison sentence, you will definitely have to serve time in prison if you are convicted of the crime. Because of the serious consequences, it is imperative that you get the right legal help as soon as possible.

LV Criminal Defense can provide you with assertive, knowledgeable legal representation after you have been accused of substitution of a child or after you have been accused of any crime within the state of Nevada. We can help you to evaluate the evidence that the prosecutor has to demonstrate that you broke the law so a determination can be made regarding whether you should plead guilty or whether you should fight the charges and aim for an acquittal.

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