Vegas Defense Lawyer Explains Offenses Against Public Justice

Lawyer Explains OffensesNevada state law defines many different behaviors as unlawful because those behaviors are considered to be crimes against public justice. The relevant section of Nevada’s state code which criminalizes offenses against public justice is Chapter 199 of Title 15.

Chapter 199 categorizes crimes against public justice into different categories. There is a category for bribery, which prohibits influencing judicial officers, jurors, or arbitrators; which prohibits jurors, officers and arbitrators for soliciting or accepting bribes; and which makes it a crime to solicit jury duty.

There is also a section for rescues, which prohibits the taking of goods from lawful custody or the rescue of prisoners; a section prohibiting falsifying evidence; and a section criminalizing perjury and subordination of perjury. Conspiracy, solicitation, and obstruction of criminal investigations also get their own separate categories within Chapter 199.

In addition to these different categories, there is also a broad category in Chapter 199 that is simply called “Other Offenses.” It is within this section that many different crimes against public justice are defined and the penalties are set forth. If you are accused of committing any of the offenses found within the Other Offenses category of Chapter 199, it is important that you contact an experienced Las Vegas defense attorney to find out how to fight the charges against you.

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Nevada Law Defines Other Offenses Against Public Justice

The category on other offenses considered to be crimes against public justice encompasses Nevada Revised Statutes sections 199.260 through 199.470. The offenses that fall within this category of crimes include:

N.R.S. 199.260: Refusing to take a person into custody or into a prison with which an officer is in charge, if it is the officer’s legal duty to take the person into custody or the officer’s legal duty to take the person into prison.
N.R.S. 199.270: Refusal to make an arrest after having been lawfully commanded to make an arrest.
N.R.S. 199.280: Resisting a public officer, including obstructing the public officer from fulfilling any of the officer’s lawful duties.
N.R.S. 199.290: Compounding crimes, which can result in felony or misdemeanor charges if you compound or help to conceal a criminal offense that has been committed.
N.R.S. 199.300: Intimidating public employees, jurors, referees, public officers, or other similar officials.
N.R.S. 199.305: Preventing any victim or person acting on behalf of a victim from pressing charges, causing arrest, reporting a crime, or commencing prosecution.
N.R.S. 199.310: Maliciously prosecuting someone or causing someone to be maliciously prosecuted.
N.R.S. 199.320: Causing a meritless lawsuit to be induced.
N.R.S. 199.330: Purchasing or promising a reward by a justice or a constable.
N.R.S. 199.335: Failing to appear at a required legal proceeding after being released on your own recognizance or after being admitted to bail.
N.R.S. 199.340: Disobeying a court order and being held in criminal contempt.
N.R.S. 199.350: A grand juror taking action after a challenge was allowed.
N.R.S. 199.360: Fraud in connection with the birth of an infant, or making a false report in connection with the estate of someone who is deceased.
N.R.S. 199.370: Substitution of a child.
N.R.S. 199.380: Instituting a lawsuit in the name of another person.
N.R.S. 199.410: Combination in order to resist process.
N.R.S. 199.430: Impersonating an officer.
N.R.S. 199.440: Maliciously procuring a search warrant.
N.R.S. 199.450: A peace officer exceeding his authority in executing a search warrant.
N.R.S. 199.460: Extorting a confession from a defendant or refusing to allow an accused individual to communicate with an attorney or with friends.
N.R.S. 199.470: Maliciously destroying legal notices or other notices.

If you are accused of any of these offenses, it is imperative that you are represented by a lawyer who understands the specific prohibitions against crimes against public justice. You need an attorney who is prepared to help you to introduce doubt as to your guilt for the specific offense you have been accused of committing so you can maximize the chances of being acquitted on charges.

Your attorney should be both ready to defend you in court and a skilled negotiator who has the ability to work with a prosecutor to negotiate a favorable plea deal if fighting the charges is not the best approach to take to minimize consequences. A Vegas defense attorney who has handled similar charges related to crimes against public justice can provide the knowledge and skill you need to determine how best to protect your future, reputation and freedom.

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Depending upon the specific offense with which you are charged, you could be left with a felony or a misdemeanor criminal record if you are found guilty of offenses found within the Other Offenses section of Chapter 199. You could be imprisoned, face large fines, have your career and reputation ruined, and face a variety of other far-reaching consequences.

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