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Reno is often dubbed the Biggest Little City in the World because this Nevada city has everything that you could imagine for entertainment, food, families, and culture. Reno sits at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and the city is most famous for its abundant entertainment in the form of hotels and casinos. Reno is the most populated area in Nevada outside of the Las Vegas Valley, and it attracts millions of visitors annually as well as serving as the home of more than 241,000 people.

Both residents and visitors to Reno will find plenty of fun activities to do – but unfortunately, sometimes locals and visitors will find themselves on the wrong side of the law if their actions have been made illegal by the penal code found in Title 15 of Nevada’s code.

Nevada has criminalized a wide variety of different kinds of behavior, including crimes against people, crimes against property, crimes against public decency, and crimes against good morals. If you are accused of any type of criminal offense, it is important that you understand the nature of the charges you are facing, the possible defenses you can raise, and the approaches that you can take to fighting against conviction.

LV Criminal Defense is here to help. Our Reno criminal defense firm has extensive experience offering representation to clients throughout the state of Nevada. We are trusted by defendants accused of all different types of offenses in Nevada, including misdemeanor offenses, gross misdemeanor offenses, and felony offenses. Whether you’ve been accused of a minor crime such as petit larceny or a major offense related to terrorism, homicide, or sexual offenses, our firm can provide the representation that you need.

Give us a call today to get personalized help from a Reno, NV defense attorney and to discover how we can help you to respond to charges. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can begin investigating the evidence against you, advising you on your case, and fighting on your behalf, so don’t wait to get a knowledgeable advocate on your side.

Party Crimes in Reno: Drunk Driving, Disorderly Conduct and Drug Arrests

Many people visit Reno to enjoy the casinos and nightlife, but unfortunately, things can get out of hand and you could be arrested for various offenses including driving while drunk, public intoxication, violating open container laws, disorderly conduct, assault and battery, or drug possession.

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When you are arrested for these offenses in Reno, whether you live locally or elsewhere, you must resolve the criminal charges against you. If you are arrested and taken into custody for the offense, you may need to place bail in order to be replaced pending trial. Whether you are taken into custody and released or not taken into custody at all, you must return to court to defend against charges.

Most party crimes will result in misdemeanor charges, but you could still potentially face serious consequences including losing your license, paying fines, being placed on probation, being made to do community service, or even going to jail for a period of time. You could also be left with a criminal record from this offense that affects your future. The consequences will impact you if you do not live locally as well — a license suspension in Nevada could mean a suspension of your license at home, for example.

Because party crimes are often more minor misdemeanor offenses, you should talk with your attorney about the possibility of participating in pre-trial diversion programs or pleading guilty in exchange for a reduction in charges or reduced penalty.

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Reno defense attorneys at LV Criminal Defense can help you to try to ensure you do not end up with a permanent record, a jail sentence, or other long-term consequences. If you do not live in Reno, we can also help you to try to resolve the charges with the minimal return trips to the area so you do not incur significant expense and waste a ton of your time dealing with the charges against you.

We can also help you to fight to get charges dropped or fight for an acquittal so you can maximize the chances of avoiding a conviction.

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Reno Traffic Crimes and DUI Defense

Drunk driving charges, for example, could result in a license suspension, a large fine, a jail sentence, and potentially requirements like using an ignition interlock device on your vehicle after conviction. Penalties grow progressively more serious if you have prior drunk driving offenses on your record, so while you want to try to avoid any conviction, it is especially important to fight charges if you already have a past DUI on your record.

There are many different defenses to charges of reckless driving, driving with no license, or driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. If police stopped you unlawfully without probable cause or made you submit to a blood alcohol concentration test without your consent and without justification, the evidence against you may be inadmissible, which could mean that a prosecutor is not even able to pursue a case to secure a conviction.

You could also introduce reasonable doubt by raising defenses such as the rising BAC defense which argues that your blood alcohol concentration continued to increase once you had stopped driving as your body metabolized alcohol so your BAC test was higher than it actually was when you were behind the wheel.

Our Reno DUI defense lawyers can help you to define the right strategy if you have been accused of driving drunk. We can also fight on your behalf when you’re accused of any criminal traffic offenses ranging from driving recklessly to much more serious crimes such as vehicular manslaughter.

Reno Drug Crimes Lawyers

Defendants in Reno, NV could be charged with simple possession just for having any drugs or drug paraphernalia on them and, depending upon the amount and type of substance, the charges could be serious. Defendants could also be charged with a variety of other crimes related to controlled substances, including possessing substances with intent to sell, or manufacturing or cultivating controlled substances.

Often, the key criteria in determining what crime you will be charged with centers around the amount of a controlled substance in your possession. You could be charged for possession with intent to sell or drug trafficking even if you did not actually intend to sell the drug and if there was no evidence you actually sold the drug. Simply having too much of a controlled substance in your possession could lead to a serious felony charge that could result in decades of imprisonment.

You need to vigorously defend yourself when faced with drug charges in Reno, which means you need a criminal defense attorney who can assist you in developing an appropriate legal strategy. Whether this involves disputing the amount of the drug in your possession, arguing that there is insufficient evidence, trying to get evidence suppressed because a search was unlawful, or making a variety of other arguments aimed at introducing doubt as to your guilt, it is important to be proactive in deciding what legal strategy you will use to respond to drug charges.

LV Criminal Defense has provided assistance to defendants charged with state or federal drug crimes. Whatever your situation, our Reno drug crimes defense attorneys can help you to determine the nature of the penalties you face for violating controlled substance laws and can assist you in fighting the accusations against you.

Sex Crimes Defenses in Reno

In Nevada, a variety of behaviors have been criminalized in connection with sexual conduct including:

  • Indecent exposure
  • Child pornography offenses
  • Lewd behavior with children
  • Luring children
  • Sexual assault, which refers to unwanted penetration of someone who cannot give consent
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Rape, which is a form of sexual assault that involves penetration
  • Internet crimes against children
  • Sexual conduct between teachers and students
  • Obscenity offenses, including exposing minors to obscene materials
  • Statutory sexual seduction, which is commonly known as statutory rape and which can involve consensual contact with someone who is underage
  • Pandering and prostitution under certain circumstances. These offenses involve offering sex for money, or offering money or other items of value in exchange for sexual activities

Most sexual offenses resulted in either gross misdemeanor or felony charges. It is very common for sex crimes to necessitate registration as a sex offender. If you are required to register as a Reno sex offender, you will need to provide information to local law enforcement about where you live, where you work, and various other activities.

Restrictions may be imposed upon you, including limitations on where you can work and whether you can use computers. Your information, including details about the offense that you committed, could be made public and you could be barred from going to certain locations such as schools.

Sex offenders are subject to some of the harshest punishments imposed within the criminal justice system, and the record of the sex offense in your criminal history could have a major adverse impact on your future opportunities.

Because of the severity of the consequences of sex crimes, you need to be very proactive in fighting charges once you have been accused of a sexually based offense.

Reno sex crimes defense lawyers at LV Criminal Defense will help you to determine possible penalties for charges, including whether you will be required to register as a sex offender. We can also provide you with assistance in determining how to respond to charges and in developing a strategy aimed at reducing the possible consequences you could face.

Homicide, Robbery, and Violent Offenses in Reno, Nevada

Nevada has criminalized many behaviors that cause harm to people. Some of the different types of violent offenses made illegal in Nevada include:

  • Homicide, including various degrees or murder as well as manslaughter offenses.
  • Assault and battery, which involve threats and unwanted harmful contact
  • Mayhem, which involves causing bodily injury to others, disfiguring a victim or rendering a part of a victim’s body useless.
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery, which involves using force or threats to take anything of value from someone’s person
  • Attempts to kill
  • Duels and challenges
  • Falsely imprisoning someone
  • Forcing victims into slavery or involuntary servitude
  • Human trafficking
  • Criminal neglect of patients
  • Child abuse
  • Abuse or neglect of the elderly
  • Harassment and stalking
  • Hazing

If you are accused of any of these offenses, the penalties that could be imposed are often very serious. For example, defendants convicted of first degree murder could face the death penalty or could be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

There are specific things prosecutors must prove in order for you to be convicted and, in many cases, for the harshest penalties to be imposed, prosecutors have to prove that you acted intentionally to cause harm to others. If you can introduce reasonable doubt into whether the prosecutor has successfully proved every element of a crime, you should be able to avoid a guilty verdict.

LV Criminal Defense can help you to evaluate evidence against you so you can determine what response you should make to charges. Our Reno violent crimes defense attorneys can also assist you in trying to get charges reduced in exchange for a plea deal. For example, you may be able to plead to manslaughter instead of murder, or to second degree murder instead of first degree murder, so you can reduce the penalties you face.

Theft, Robbery, Larceny, and Other Property Crimes in Reno

Nevada has also criminalized many types of behavior in which money, property, services, or any items of value are taken from their rightful owners. There are many different kinds of property crimes that a defendant could be charged with including:

  • Grand larceny
  • Grand theft auto
  • Grand larceny involving a firearm
  • Petit larceny
  • Robbery, which involves taking property off someone’s person
  • Burglary, which involves breaking and entering into a home with intent to commit a crime.
  • Extortion, which involves making threats to take items of value
  • Extortionate collection of debt, which occurs when a defendant makes threats of violence or property damage to convince someone to repay a debt.
  • Organized retail theft

These are just some of the many different offenses that you could be accused of if you allegedly take any item that does not belong to you. You could be charged even if you take items of very low value, although penalties grow progressively more serious if the items you improperly take are of higher value. If you are charged with grand larceny or other serious theft offenses, you could be looking at felony charges that carry mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment.

You need to ensure that you understand defenses to theft charges and that you can determine how to reduce the chances of conviction after you have been charged. Reno property crimes lawyers at LV Criminal Defense can help you to determine your best response to charges.

Contact us now so that we help you to challenge the value of property you allegedly stole, as there is often a major difference in penalties when you are convicted for taking items valued below a certain threshold versus when the items you allegedly stole are worth much more.

Felony Criminal Defense Attorney in Reno

Offenses in Nevada are grouped into three different categories: misdemeanor; gross misdemeanor; and felony charges. Felony charges exist in all different categories of crimes in Nevada. For example, you could face felony charges for sexual offenses, violent crimes, property crimes, and controlled substance offenses, among others.

When you have been charged with a felony, the penalties that are imposed for conviction are much more serious than for misdemeanors or for gross misdemeanors. Felony charges can result in more than a year of jail time, and could potentially result in up to life imprisonment depending upon the nature of the felony.

Many felonies carry mandatory minimum sentences, which means if you are convicted you will have to serve a minimum term in jail and there won’t be room for a more lenient sentence if there are mitigating circumstances.

A felony conviction can also impact your life in major ways moving forward. If you have a felony on your record, you could be restricted from owning a gun and exercising your second amendment rights. You could be restricted from voting, serving on a jury, or holding public office. Many job opportunities and educational opportunities could be denied to you.

Because felony charges are so serious, you need an attorney who is familiar with defending individuals accused of felony crimes. Not every Reno defense attorney routinely handles felony crimes, but LV Criminal Defense does. We understand how to pursue defenses and raise doubts in these high stakes cases to maximize the chances of acquittal, and we are also skilled at helping defendants to negotiate charges down to a lesser charge.

If you need a Reno felony defense lawyer, you should reach out to our firm to find out about our experience, our extensive track record of success, and the comprehensive assistance that we can provide to you.

Federal Charges

Reno defense attorneys at LV Criminal Defense can help not only when you are charged with an offense on the state level, but we can also help if you are faced with federal charges. Most crimes are prosecuted by the state and are illegal under laws found within Title 15 of Nevada’s code. However, there is a federal penal code as well, and sometimes defendants are charged by the federal government for different offenses such as drug charges, child pornography, and other acts illegal under federal law.

If you are facing federal charges, the investigation may be more intensive and the FBI and other government agencies may become involved. The penalties are often much more serious for federal charges than for state charges as well. You need a Reno federal criminal defense lawyer who can handle federal cases and who has a long track record of success with these types of criminal cases.

LV Criminal Defense has represented defendants accused of many serious federal crimes, including those related to terrorism and other capital crimes. To find out more about the ways in which our firm can put our experience with federal criminal law to work, give us a call today.

Reno, NV Criminal Defense Resources

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Getting Help from Reno Criminal Lawyer

An arrest in Reno can change your life, whether you live locally or were visiting the area to enjoy the casinos and other entertainment. You could find your future derailed, could be left with a criminal record, and could even lose your freedom. Navigating the criminal justice system in which your fate is decided can be difficult, especially if you must travel back to Reno from out of state, and you could find yourself with a prosecutor aggressively pursuing serious charges that could affect your life in profound ways.

You need to develop a legal strategy aimed at getting the best outcome possible even in a situation that could quickly turn dire. LV Criminal Defense is ready to help you. Our top rated Reno criminal lawyers will be there for you to negotiate a favorable plea agreement, which could result in a reduced charge. We can also help you to fight to get charges dropped or work with you to defend yourself in court so you can try for acquittal. In every case, you must be treated as innocent until proven guilty and your constitutional rights must be respected. We will help to fight for your rights.

To find out more about how Reno, NV defense attorneys at LV Criminal Defense can help you if you have been accused of wrongdoing or if you have been arrested or charged in Reno or surrounding areas, give us a call today.