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A Nevada defense attorney can provide assistance to defendants who are accused of breaking the law. There are many different behaviors that are considered to be criminal behaviors within the state of Nevada. Title 15 details crimes and punishments, and there are different chapters within Title 15 so offenses are broken up into different categories of crimes.  For example, Chapter 199 is the chapter of Title 15 that defines crimes against public justice.

Within Chapter 199, there are sections related to bribery and corruption crimes; sections related to perjury and subornation of perjury; and other sections detailing various types of criminal conduct that can interfere with the operations of the criminal justice system. One of the subsections in Chapter 199 is a section on falsifying evidence.

Falsifying evidence is taken very seriously in the state of Nevada because it interferes with the administration of justice. When evidence is presented in court, the evidence could make a profound impact on a person’s life by determining if a defendant is convicted or acquitted of a criminal offense.

While the jury, or judge in a bench trial, is vested with responsibility for assessing the credibility of the evidence, there are still safeguards in place to try to ensure that no false or misleading information is presented to the jury for consideration.  To help ensure that the criminal justice system’s purpose is not perverted by false or misleading evidence, for example, there are several different statutes which criminalize varying types of behavior that could be considered falsification of evidence.

If you are accused of breaking any of the laws connected with falsifying evidence, you should reach out to LV Criminal Defense. Our Las Vegas defense team has successfully represented many defendants facing charges for offenses related to the falsification of evidence in criminal proceedings. We can evaluate the evidence against you and can provide you with comprehensive assistance in fighting charges to reduce penalties or secure an acquittal and avoid consequences and a criminal record. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help.

Nevada Laws on Falsifying Evidence

Nevada’s laws on falsifying evidence are found within Nevada Revised Statutes sections 199.210 through 199.250.  There are different types of criminal conduct related to the falsification of evidence found within each of these different statutes. For example:

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  • R.S. 199.210 criminalizes offering false evidence. Any person who presents evidence that is fraudulently altered or forged as if the evidence were true could be guilty of a crime under this statute.
  • R.S. 199.220 criminalizes the destruction of evidence. Any person who destroys evidence to prevent it from being used in a trial or tribunal, or any person who destroys evidence to conceal a crime or conceal the identity of an alleged criminal, could be guilty of a crime under this statute.
  • R.S. 199.230 criminalizes efforts to prevent or dissuade someone from testifying in court or from producing evidence. Any person who attempts to try to convince someone not to testify or to present false testimony could be convicted of this offense.
  • R.S. 199.240 criminalizes bribery of witnesses or intimidation of witnesses in order to influence testimony. Offering any items of value or any promises of items of value to a witness, either directly or indirectly, is unlawful if it is done to try to influence the testimony of the witness.
  • R.S. 199.242 imposes limitations on defenses to prosecution in circumstances where a defendant is being prosecuted for influencing witness testimony.
  • R.S. 199.250 makes it a crime for a witness to accept a bribe. Any witness who either accepts an item or value or who asks for an item of value, either directly or indirectly, in exchange for an agreement to limit his or her testimony could be found guilty under this section of Nevada’s code.

The relevant sections of Chapter 199 detail exactly the type of behavior that a defendant must exhibit in order for the defendant to be found guilty of each particular offense. The burden is on the prosecutor to prove each element of each crime in order for a defendant accused of that particular offense to be convicted. Often, this means that the prosecutor must prove not only that the defendant took a particular action, such as offering a bribe to a witness, but must also prove intent.

Defendants accused of wrongdoing do not have to prove their innocence in order to avoid a guilty verdict. It is sufficient for a defendant to introduce doubt as to his guilt and he should be acquitted if the prosecutor is not able to successfully demonstrate every element of each offense.  Our Vegas defense law firm is skilled at helping defendants to identify ways in which they can introduce reasonable doubt regarding whether they committed an offense connected with the falsification of evidence.

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Address: 400 S, 7th Street #401, Las Vegas, NV 89101 United States, 400 S, 7th Street #401, 89101, US, $$$ | Tel: + 1 (702) 623-6362

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