Parking garage built in 1950.

Last month, an incident happened at the Wal-Mart parking lot, which resulted in a 72-year-old man dead due to a beating by a 21 year old.

James Northcott, a resident of Surry, British Columbia died at the Spring Valley Hospital on 28th September, which was 5 days after the incident took place.

According to Northcott’s wife who claims to have witnessed the entire incident, the couple was leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot at W. Charleston Blvd. on 23rd September. Suddenly a Hyundai Elantra reversed out right in front of their car. To avoid a collision, Northcott had to hit the break suddenly. He got irritated and he honked loudly.

The man driving the Hyundai, Ramon Smith, got out of the car and came towards Northcott angrily. He grabbed Northcott through the window and asked him if he had made an obscene gesture towards him.

Northcott replied that he didn’t do any such thing and all he was trying to do was leave. At that point, the Hyundai driver forcefully punched Northcott in the left eye and then drove off.

After this incident, the flustered couple went back to their hotel at the Orleans. Northcott, who was exhausted fell asleep for a bit and then woke up quite disoriented. Initially he complained of having a headache and then suddenly he started having seizures. Eventually, he collapsed on the bed according to the police.

Northcott experienced brain bleed, as per the autopsy. However, the official cause of death has still not been disclosed by the County Coroner’s Office.

Medical tests are in process; on the basis of those tests, the police will be able to decide whether Ramon Smith will face any additional charges, apart from a felony count of battery with substantial bodily harm.

At first, Smith was arrested due to unsettled traffic warrants on 6th October. As per the report, police disclosed surveillance photos to the media.

Ramon Smith tried to tone down the story with his version of the incident. According to his story, Smith and his girlfriend were in the car and Northcott drove too close to them. Hence, Smith asked Northcott to back up a bit. Ramon further claims that Northcott made an offensive gesture and raised his middle finger at him and didn’t agree to back up.

Smith who got angry at this action grabbed Northcott’s glasses and in return Northcott scratched his neck; so Smith punched him on the face.

No physical evidence of scratches was visible on Smith’s neck at the time the interview was conducted. Details of Smith’s lawyer are not yet available.