A Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer Unveils What an Arrest Is in Nevada NRS 171.104

Being arrested is everyone’s worst nightmare. When you are taken into police custody, the entire process is very frightening. You can find yourself booked, fingerprinted, and spending time behind bars pending arraignment.

It is imperative that you understand exactly what an arrest is, what can trigger it, when the arrest is lawful, and what your rights are. A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can provide you with invaluable assistance after an arrest because an attorney knows the ins-and-outs of the criminal justice system. Calling a lawyer immediately after arrest is a smart choice so you do not accidentally do anything to jeopardize your ability to fight for your freedom and to fight to avoid conviction on charges.

LV Criminal Defense is available to help clients in Las Vegas and surrounding areas after an arrest on state or federal charges, or after an arrest on misdemeanor or felony charges. Call now to learn what we can do to assist you if you or someone you love is under arrest.

What Does Arrest Mean in Nevada?

Nevada Revised Statute Section 171.104 defines arrest to include being taken into custody in a manner authorized by law. The statute also makes clear that a peace officer (member of law enforcement) can make an arrest. A private person can also make an arrest under the statute (called a citizen’s arrest) but this is rare.

When you are taken into custody and placed under arrest, you are afforded many constitutional protections. Both the state constitution and the federal constitution ensure that your rights are respected. For example, you have the right to remain silent, you have the right to request an attorney and have one present during questioning, and you have the right not to be asked questions when your attorney is absent. If you did not initially request a lawyer before being questioned but you request one during the process, all questioning must stop and not begin again until your attorney has arrived. You also have the right to be informed about your other rights- which comes in the form of a Miranda warning.

Police must treat you humanely during the entire time you are in custody, and you may also not be held for an extended period of time before being officially charged with a criminal offense.

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What Happens After an Arrest?

After an arrest, you may be arraigned on criminal charges. You must be informed of charges you are facing so you know what you are being accused of. You will also have the opportunity to argue for bail at a bail hearing. It is imperative you get appropriate legal help prior to your hearing so you can ensure you make informed choices about what plea to enter and so a compelling argument can be made for release without high bail so you do not end up trapped behind bars until your case goes to trial.

How Can a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

An arrest is serious. The record of the arrest can show up on background checks within just days of the time you are taken into custody. Arrest can also ultimately lead to conviction, and possible jail time or other penalties. Nick Wooldridge goes to work for our clients right away after they are subject to arrest. We will begin fighting for you immediately, working to get you out of jail, get charges dropped, and launch an investigation that could help you avoid a guilty verdict.

To learn more about arrest, and about how an attorney can help you, call today to speak with an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.