A Sex Offender’s Duty to Register Explained By Vegas Criminal Lawyer N.R.S. 179D.441

Duty to Register and Keep Registration CurrentA sex offender in the state of Nevada must register when he has been convicted of certain criminal offenses. Registration means providing specific information to law enforcement, including a photograph, fingerprints, and a palm print. Those who must register also need to make certain that their updated contact information and many other details about their lives are provided to law enforcement. All of an offender’s information is kept in a central repository, which police and other law enforcement professionals are easily able to search. Community websites and community notification programs can also provide certain information about registered sex offenders to the public.

If you have been accused of a sex offense, you should be aware of the registration requirements and of the major impact that these requirements can have on all aspects of your life going forward. Being made to register as a sex offender can impact where you can live, where you can work, and what activities you engage in. You want to make certain that when you are facing criminal charges for an offense that could lead to registration that you vigorously fight against the charges. LV Criminal Defense is here to help.

Our Las Vegas defense lawyers have helped many defendants to avoid being made to register as sex offenders by helping them to get acquitted because of a sound defense strategy. We have also helped many offenders to successfully negotiate plea deals to lesser offenses that do not require registration or that allow the offender to register for a crime that will result in being considered a lower tier offender. If you want to fight charges that could change your life, give us a call today.

Our legal team can also help you to try to cope with required registration if convicted. We can explain your rights, including laws against harassment. We can also help you to understand and comply with the rules for registration so you can spare yourself any further legal problems that you could possibly be faced with due to not complying with the registration rules. Give us a call today to find out more.

Duty to Register and Keep Registration Current

Nevada’s code of criminal procedure establishes the rules for sex offender registration in Chapter 179D. Within this chapter, N.R.S. 179D.441 is the law that explains exactly what an offender’s duty to register is. N.R.S. 179D.441 also explains an offender’s duty to keep his registration current.

According to N.R.S. 179D.441, a sex offender is initially required to register with the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the offense took place. The offender must comply with the rules set forth in N.R.S. 179D.445 for his initial registration with the appropriate law enforcement agency.

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The offender is then required to register with law enforcement agencies as required in N.R.S. 179D.460 and 179D.480. This means registering within 48 hours of being present in any county, city or other location. You must register both in counties where you live and in counties where you will be working or attending school.

Finally, the offender is required to keep his registration current, as required in N.R.S. 179D.447. This statute means that offenders have to provide updated information within three days of changing a name, changing a residence, changing employment, or changing status as a student.

Together, these laws ensure that you will register right away when you move to a new place or work in a new place, and that you will continue to update law enforcement if any of your circumstances or information change.

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You do not want to get into additional legal trouble if you do not comply with N.R.S. 179D.411. You should talk with Nick M. Wooldridge at LV Criminal Defense to find out what is required of you when it comes to registering as a sex offender and to make certain that you have done everything right to fulfill your obligations.

If you want to avoid being made to register in the first place, our legal team is also here and ready to help you as soon as you have been accused of a sex crime. To find out more about the assistance we can offer and the ways in which we can help you at all phases of your case related to sex crimes laws in the state of Nevada, give us a call today.

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