Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer: Learning Process of Trial By Jury in Nevada N.R.S. 175.011

If you’ve been accused of committing a crime in Nevada, you’re entitled to a trial by jury. The jury will hear the facts of the case and the law will be explained to the jury. The jury will then apply the law, with guidance from jury instructions, to determine if the prosecutor has proved guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  The jury’s decision will shape your fate if you are on trial for an alleged criminal offense.

When you are facing jail time or other penalties, a trial by jury is a frightening thing. However, it is important to remember you have legal rights. In fact, some of your rights include the ability to have people who wouldn’t be good jurors removed from the jury.  You want to try to get a jury that is as favorable to you as is possible, which means you need to know what makes a good juror and how to assess who on a jury you should keep and who should be excused. A Las Vegas defense lawyer at LV Criminal Defense is skilled at the process of picking good juries and can provide assistance with helping you to try to get a jury that is going to be favorable to you.

Getting Help with a Trial By Jury

Nevada Revised Statute section 175.011 provides an explanation on when you are entitled to a trial by jury. According to the relevant law in Nevada, the majority of district court cases must be tried by a jury. If you are facing a criminal trial in a district court which is supposed to be heard by a jury, your case will generally be decided by this jury of your peers.

However, you can waive the right to a trial by jury and instead have a bench trial in which the judge presides over the case, evaluates the facts, applies the law, and renders a verdict.  If you opt to waive the right to a jury trial, you must waive this right in writing and must get the consent of the state and the approval of the court.

In justice court, on the other hand, there is no presumption that a case will be tried by a jury. If you wish to have a jury trial, you’ll need to request one in writing at least 30 days before the case against you is scheduled to begin. When you make the request for a jury trial, Nevada law requires the presence of a court reporter to report on the trial.

How a Las Vegas Defense Lawyer Can Help with a Trial By Jury

When you exercise your constitutional right to a trial by a jury of your peers, you need to ensure you are doing everything you can to select a jury that is least likely to return a guilty verdict.  There are a number of different jury selection rules to know and techniques to use to try to get a favorable jury that is likely to see things your way and not be convinced by a prosecutor’s case.  The process of choosing a jury, and preparing for a trial by jury, can both be very complex processes- but fortunately, you do not have to try to make sense of the criminal procedure rules and processes on your own.

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When you place your trust in LV Criminal Defense, you will be represented by a Las Vegas defense lawyer with extensive experience representing clients who are facing a trial by jury. Our legal team can not only help with the jury selection process but can also develop a sound strategy for presenting evidence and arguments to a jury in a compelling and understanding way.

Juries are going to make decisions that affect your future and you need an experienced lawyer who knows how to make the strongest possible cases to convince a jury to avoid a guilty verdict. To learn more about the assistance we can offer when you’re facing a trial by jury, give us a call today.