Las Vegas Bribery Attorney Eplains the Bribery Types, Charges, and Laws

bribery felonyMany types of activity are considered bribery in Nevada. Most are felony charges that can ruin your chances of getting a job in the future and come with long prison sentences and expensive fines.

There is a misconception that white collar crimes like bribery may not punished very harshly, but in reality law enforcement is cracking down on these crimes.

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What is bribery in Nevada?

There are several types of bribery that are all illegal under Nevada law, including:

  • Commercial bribery;
  • Bribery of a witness, juror, or judge;
  • Bribery of a public official;
  • Bribery involving sports.

Las Vegas Legal Definition of Commercial Bribery

Commercial bribery happens in the workplace. It involves an employee taking money or benefits for making business decisions without consulting the person in charge. A person who offers money or benefits is also liable for the same crime.

Nevada Legal Definition of Bribing a Witness, Juror, or Judge

All types of bribery involve providing a person with money or other rewards to change their behavior or influence the outcome of a legal proceeding. With witnesses, jurors, and judges, the bribe is used to change their testimony or to come to a certain result in a case.Witnesses, jurors, and judges who ask for money are just as guilty of these crimes as those who offer money or other rewards.

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Nevada Legal Definition of a Public Official for Purposes of Bribery

Public officials include executive and administrative officers of the state, which can include political figures like the governor or a mayor.

Nevada Legal Definition of Bribery in Sports

A person who:

  • Gives,
  • Offers;
  • Promises to give; or
  • Attempts to give or offer any compensation, gratuity or thing of value, or a promise of compensation, gratuity, or thing of value, to any of the following people
  • Any participant or player;
  • Any judge;
  • Referee;
  • Manager; or
  • Other official of a sporting event or contest can be guilty of bribery to influence the outcome of a sporting event in Nevada.

Influencing a sporting event can mean:

  • “Throwing the game” by failing to use best efforts to win;
  • Limiting the team’s margin of victory; or
  • Corruptly judging, refereeing, managing or officiating the sporting event or contest with the intention of affecting the outcome of the sporting event.

Penalties for Bribery in Nevada

Commercial bribery is a misdemeanor charge that carries up to six months in jail and fines of up to $1,000.

All of the following Nevada crimes are Category C felonies, punishable by 1 to 5 years in a Nevada prison and up to $10,000 in fines:

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  • Bribing a witness, juror, or judge;
  • Bribing a public official;
  • Sports bribery.

Federal Law Penalties for Bribery

Federal law also prohibits bribery, and is usually charged in cases that cross state lines and involve interstate commerce. “Treble damages” apply in federal cases, which means that damages are three times the amount involved in the bribery.

More Information

Bribery is a serious offense under Nevada law and federal law. Attempting to bribe someone- even if they do not agree to the bribe- can still result in a conviction.Convictions for white collar crimes such as bribery can negatively impact your future.

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