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PanderingParole and Probation Officer DefinedPenalty Hearing for First Degree MurderPetit LarcenyPetition for Post-conviction ReliefPick-PocketingPlea bargain: Inspection by Jury; Instruction of Jury; Cross-Examination of DefendantPlea bargaining: General requirements; prohibited agreements.Pleadings and MotionsPleadings and Motions Before Trial- Defenses and ObjectionsPleasPool Party Nightclub ArrestsPossession by a FelonPossession of a Controlled SubstancePossession of Drug ParaphernaliaPossession of Marijuana with Intent to SellPossession with Intent to DistributePost Conviction ReliefPostponement: When and how ordered; court may require depositions of and undertakingsPowers and Duties of Grand JuryPre-Sentence investigation and report: Contents of report.Preliminary examination: Waiver; time for conducting; postponement; introduction of evidence and cross-examination of witnesses by defendantPreliminary ProvisionsPresumption Of Innocence: Acquittal In Case Of Reasonable DoubtPresumption of innocence: Conviction of lowest degree of offensePrevention of Public OffensesPrison EscapePrivacy PolicyProbation and Suspension of SentenceProbation ViolationProcedureProcedure for Appointment of Attorney for Indigent DefendantProcedure in Criminal CasesProcedure in Justice CourtsProcedure when arrest for capital offenseProcedure When Jury Unable To Reach Unanimous VerdictProceeding to CommitmentPROCEEDINGS AFTER ARRESTProceedings After Commitment and Before IndictmentProceedings Before MagistrateProceedings when conviction carries death penaltyProduction of Prisoner as WitnessProgram Of Probation Secured By Surety BondPROGRAM OF REGIMENTAL DISCIPLINEProhibited Acts and PenaltiesProperty subject to seizure and forfeiture; exceptionsProtective OrdersProvisions inapplicable to recording of certain telephone calls by public utility


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