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AbortionsAbout FirmAbuse and neglect of childrenAbuse, exploitation, or isolation of older persons and vulnerable personsAbuse, neglect or endangerment of child- Penalties; definitionsAccessory: Venue in Either CountyAcquittalAct of terrorism definedActs of terrorism or attempted acts of terrorism prohibited; penaltiesActs of Terrorism; weapons of mass destruction; lethal agents; hoax substancesAdministration of Drug to AID Commission of CrimeAdministrative License SuspensionAdmissibility of evidenceAdvertising goods and services to produce miscarriageAdvertising treatment, cure or prevention of sexual disordersAdvisory Committee to Study Laws Concerning Sex OffenderAffirmative defense- Notice of intent to claim rebuttalAffirmative defense- Notice of intent to claim rebuttalAffrayAge of Consent in NevadaAgency of Criminal Justice DefinedAiming firearm at human being; discharging weapon where person might be endangeredAlcoholic beveragesAmendment; notice of habitual criminality, habitually fraudulent felon or habitual felon.Appeal by DefendantAppeal by stateAppeals and Remedies After ConvictionAppeals to district court, court of appeals and Supreme CourtAppeals to the District CourtAppearance Before Magistrate - Release from Custody By Arresting OfficerApplication for permit; eligibility; denial or revocation of permit.Armed associationArraignmentArraignment and Preparation for TrialArrest by agent of Federal Bureau of Investigation or Secret ServiceArrest by officer of agent of bureau of indian affairs or police office employed by Indian tribeArrest by Peace officer or officer of drug enforcement administrationArrest by postal inspector of United States postal inspection serviceArrest DefinedArrest if Probable Cause AppearsArrest Of JudgmentArrest of probationerArrest WarrantsArrest without warrantArrest: By Whom and How MadeArsonAssaultAssault with a Deadly WeaponAssault- Definitions penaltiesAssignment To Program For Treatment Of Mental IllnessAssignment To Program For Treatment Of Veterans And MilitaryAttempts to killAttendance of witnesses outside of stateAuthority Of The Court; LimitationsAuto BurglaryAwards
California-Nevada Compact for Jurisdiction on Interstate WatersCapital Punishment DefenseCar JackingCases in which interception of wire or oral communications may be authorizedCasino Markers DebtsCategories and punishment of feloniesCentral RepositoryCertified court reporter: Appointment; compensation; material required for and prohibited from inclusion in notes.Challenges For Cause For Individual JurorsCharging defendant by fictitious or erroneous name: Insertion of true name.CheckCheck FraudChild Abuse and NeglectChild PornographyCitation for MisdemeanorClassification of crimesCoercionCommercial DUICommission of An Act in a Public BuildingCommunity NotificationCommunity Notification WebsiteComplaint DefinedCompounding crimesComputer CrimesConcealed CarryConcealed FirearmsConduct of juryConduct of TrialConsideration by Court of Alleged Violation; Assessment of ExpensesConspiracyConspiracyConspiracy to Commit RICOConspiracy: Allegation and proof of overt act; evidence of overt acts not allegedContact Nick WooldridgeContact UsContemptContents of Warrant of ArrestContributory Delinquency and neglect of childrenConvicted DefinedConviction or Acquittal in Another State or TerritoryConviction or acquittal in other county is sufficient defenseCorrupt and corruptly definedCounterfeiting gold dust, bars or other articles; making or possessing instruments.Counterfeiting gold dust, bars or other articles; making or possessing instruments.Counterfeiting seals; forgery of signatures of public officersCounterfeiting stamps and labelsCounterfeiting trademark or designCourts may act upon information for all offensesCredit Card FraudCrime Against a Child DefinedCrimes A-ZCrimes Against PropertyCrimes against Public Decency | Vegas Defense LawyerCrimes Against Public Health and SafetyCrimes Against Public JusticeCrimes Against ReligionCrimes Against the Legislative PowerCrimes Against the PersonCrimes Against the Public PeaceCrimes Against the Revenue and Property of This StateCrimes Against the Sovereignty of This StateCrimes By and Against the Executive Power of This StateCriminal AppealsCriminal contemptCriminal Defense Attorney in RenoCriminal Extradiction (Uniform Act)Criminal gang recruitmentCriminal neglect of patientsCriminal proceedings- Venue.Criminal Record SealingCriminal syndicalismCultivation Grow Houses
Dangerous exhibitionsDangerous or vicious dogs- Unlawful acts; penaltiesDangerous Weapons and FirearmsDeath Penalty CasesDeath resulting from overloading of passenger vessel penaltiesDeath resulting from unlawful manufacture or storage of explosives; penaltyDefenses and objections which must be raised by motion.Definition of Reasonable Doubt; No Other Definition To Be Given To JuriesDegree of evidence to warrant indictment; objection.Degrees of murder; penaltiesDepositionsDesecrration flagsDestroying evidenceDirecting light emitted from laser device at aircraft with intent to interfere with operation of aircraft; penalty.DischargeDischarging firearm in or upon public streets or in places of public resort; throwing deadly missiles; duties of civil, military and peace officers; penalties.Disclosure By Befendant Of Intent To Claim AlibiDiscovery and InspectionDiscovery by defendant before preliminary examination; material subject to discovery; effect of failure to permit discovery.Dispersing hoax substance prohibited; penaltiesDisposal Of Property Stolen Or EmbezzledDissemination of informationDisturbing meetingDNA DefinedDomestic BatteryDomestic Battery by StrangulationDomestic ViolenceDrug CrimesDrug traffickingDuels and ChallengesDUIDUI and MarijuanaDUI and Prescription DrugsDUI Blood TestDUI with Serious Injury or DeathDuration of Duty to RegisterDURATION; ARREST FOR ALLEGED VIOLATIONDuty to Register and Keep Registration CurrentDuty to report violent or sexual offense against child 12 years of age or younger
PanderingPandering and sex trafficking- Definitions; penalties; exceptionPandering, Prostitution and Disorderly HousesParole and Probation Officer DefinedParties to CrimesPaternity FraudPayment of bona fide debt by deputy or attachePeepingPeepingPenaltiesPenalty for aiding or abettingPenalty for misdemeanor by corporations when not fixed by statutePenalty for public offense proportionate to value of property affected or loss resulting from offensePenalty for taking property from person of another under circumstances not amounting to robberyPenalty for theft of money or property of value of $250 or more from vending machinesPenalty for theft of scrap metal or utility propertyPenalty Hearing for First Degree MurderPerformance of health care or surgical procedure without a licensePerjury and Subornation of PerjuryPersons liable to punishment for crimePetit LarcenyPetit larceny; penaltyPetition for Post-conviction ReliefPetition for removal of guardian of older person.Pick-PocketingPlacing of lethal bait on public domainPlea bargain: Inspection by Jury; Instruction of Jury; Cross-Examination of DefendantPlea bargaining: General requirements; prohibited agreements.Pleadings and MotionsPleadings and Motions Before Trial- Defenses and ObjectionsPleasPool Party Nightclub ArrestsPornography involving minorsPossessing or receiving forged instruments or billsPossession by a FelonPossession of a Controlled SubstancePossession of component of explosive or incendiary device with intent to manufacture explosivePossession of dangerous weapon on property or in vehicle of schoolPossession of Drug ParaphernaliaPossession of firearm when under influence of alcohol, controlled substancePossession of Marijuana with Intent to SellPossession with Intent to DistributePossession, manufacture or disposition of short-barreled rifle or short-barreled shotgun- PenaltyPost Conviction ReliefPostponement: When and how ordered; court may require depositions of and undertakingsPowers and Duties of Grand JuryPre-File Investigation, Pre Arrest ChargesPre-Sentence investigation and report: Contents of report.Preliminary examination: Waiver; time for conducting; postponement; introduction of evidence and cross-examination of witnesses by defendantPreliminary ProvisionsPresumption Of Innocence: Acquittal In Case Of Reasonable DoubtPresumption of innocence: Conviction of lowest degree of offensePreventing or dissuading victim, person acting on behalf of victimPrevention of Public OffensesPrison definedPrison EscapePrivacy PolicyProbation and Suspension of SentenceProbation ViolationProcedureProcedure for Appointment of Attorney for Indigent DefendantProcedure in Criminal CasesProcedure in Justice CourtsProcedure when arrest for capital offenseProcedure When Jury Unable To Reach Unanimous VerdictProceeding to CommitmentProceedings after arrestProceedings After Commitment and Before IndictmentProceedings Before MagistrateProceedings when conviction carries death penaltyProduction of Prisoner as WitnessProduction, sale, distribution, exhibition and possession of obscene items or materials; penaltyProgram Of Probation Secured By Surety BondProgram of regimental disciplineProhibited Acts and PenaltiesPromotion of sexual performance of minor unlawfulProperty subject to seizure and forfeiture; exceptionsProtective OrdersProvisions Enacted Before Nevada Clean Indoor Air ActProvisions inapplicable to recording of certain telephone calls by public utilityPublic NuisancePublishing advertisement containing prohibited matterPunishment for attemptsPunishment for contemptPunishment for involuntary manslaughterPunishment for voluntary manslaughterPunishment of gross misdemeanorsPunishment of misdemeanorsPurchase, consumption or possession of alcoholic beverage by minor
Sale of alcoholic beverage containing more than 80 percent of alcohol by volumeSale of firearms to minors; penalty.Sale of human organ for transplantationSale or furnishing of alcoholic beverage to minorSanity investigation: Filing of petition; stay of executionSealing of Records After DischargeSealing of records of criminal proceedingsSealing Records of Criminal ProceedingsSearch to ascertain presence of dangerous weapon; seizure of weapon or evidenceSearch warrant maliciously procuredSecond DUISecrecy of proceedings of grand jury; permitted disclosures; penalty.Seizure and forfeiture of explosivesSeizure of property: Requirement of processSelling drugs to produce miscarriage; penaltySetting spring gun or other deadly weapon- Unlawful and permitted uses; penaltiesSex CrimesSex Offenders and Offenders Convicted of a Crime Against a ChildSex TraffickingSex WorkersSexual AssaultSexual assault and seductionSexual assault of spouse by spouseSexual assault- Definition; penaltiesSexual conduct between certain employees of college or university and student- Penalty; exceptionSexual conduct between certain employees of school or volunteers at school and pupil- Penalty; exceptionSexual conduct definedSexual conduct with pupils and studentsSexual offense: Notice of Conviction to Central RepositorySexual penetration of a dead human bodyShopliftingSimple Possession of MarijuanaSitemapSolicitationSolicitation for ProstitutionSpousal AbuseStalking- Definitions; penaltiesState DNA Database DefinedState Public DefenderStatewide Registry DefinedStatute of Limitations for Sexual AssaultStatutory Sexual SeductionStatutory sexual seduction- PenaltiesStay Of Execution Following Denial Of AppealStay of Execution Upon Sentence Of DeathSubpoenaSubpoenaSubstitution of childSummonsSurety Bond DefinedSurplusageSuspensions of Execution of Death Penalty


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