Las Vegas Shoplifting Defense Attorney Provides a Definition of the Charge

shopliftingShoplifting is a type of larceny that involves store property. A shoplifting conviction can make it difficult to find employment later in life, especially in places which require you to handle money or merchandise. Therefore, you should call LV Criminal Defense – a team of experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys – as soon as possible who can reduce the charges or even get them dismissed.

Petit (petty) Larceny Versus Grand Larceny

Shoplifting is petit larceny if the amount stolen is less than $650. Nevada brings charges for grand larceny for thefts involving property worth $650 or more. Law enforcement has an interest in appearing “tough on crime,” and so may attempt to show that the goods were in excess of $650 to support the higher charge of grand larceny.

Nick Wooldridge – an experienced criminal defense attorney – knows the best evidence to cite and the valuation methods of property that can assist in getting your grand larceny charge reduced to a petty larceny charge. This is one reason why the best criminal lawyer is critical in your Nevada shoplifting case.

How is the property value determined?

The value of goods allegedly stolen can be a defense to grand larceny if an amount over $650 cannot be proven. The value of the property is determined by using the highest reasonable price for it. Valid price tags may be enough to show this, but probably testimony of a security officer in the store by itself is not based on a 2011 Nevada case called Stephens v. State.

If two people (or more) work together to shoplift, the value of all of the goods stolen will be combined to meet the grand larceny standard of $650, which has a more severe punishment.

Sentencing for Shoplifting in Nevada

Petit larceny (also known as petty larceny) has a penalty of restitution of the amount stolen plus up to $1,000 in fines. First offenses are often dismissed if you agree to take a class regarding petit larceny either online or in person. The class aims to teach how shoplifting impacts the entire community. The class can be completed in four sessions or in one long session, and the cost is approximately $250-$300.

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Grand larceny punishments in Nevada depend on the amount stolen. From $650 to $3499, grand larceny is a category C felony, punishable by 1 to 5 years in prison, restitution, and up to $10,000 in fines. Above $3,500, the penalties increase to 1 to 10 years in prison along with fines and the requirement to make restitution. In these cases, there is no educational component to your penalty, and instead, you are limited to traditional punishmens like jail time, restitution, and fines.

Shoplifting can also be charged as burglary, which carries more significant penalties. You should hire a Las Vegas shoplifting defense lawyer if you are accused of shoplifting to avoid higher charges of burglary and to ensure that your defenses are heard.

Nevada Plea Bargains for Shoplifting

The District Attorney will usually reduce petit and grand larceny sentences if restitution is paid and a class on theft is taken. Sometimes, the charges can be reduced to a trespass, which carries minimal penalties. Your shoplifting defense attorney will guide you through the plea bargaining process to a result that works for you.

Defenses to Shoplifting Charges

There are defenses to shoplifting, and in fact, if you are wrongly accused of shoplifting, you may have claims of your own such as false imprisonment and slander.

The defenses to shoplifting include a lack of intent to actually steal something, mistaken identity, and that you were the rightful owner of the property. This last defense can be problematic if you use force other cause a disturbance retrieving the property.

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