Grand Larceny Auto Nevada: Legal Definition and Penalties (NRS 205.228)

grand-larceny-autoThe Las Vegas crime of Grand Larceny Auto is known by many other names, including grand theft auto and grand larceny of a motor vehicle. Stealing a vehicle is a serious offense that brings up to 10 years in prison and very expensive fines. If you are convicted of grand larceny auto in Nevada, you will have a felony record that can make it difficult to find employment or to maintain your immigration status.

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Definition of Grand Larceny Auto

A person can be convicted of grand larceny auto in Nevada if he or she:

  • Steals;
  • Takes away;
  • Carries away;
  • Drives away; or
  • Removes in any way

a vehicle which is owned by another person.

The crime implies that the person did not have permission of the vehicle’s owner to drive the car for any period of time.

Related crimes involving motor vehicles

If a person does not return a rental car within 72 hours of the expected return time, the person can be charged with embezzlement under Nevada Revised Statute 205.312.

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Carjacking is the name for a series of crimes related to stealing an occupied vehicle.

What is the sentence for grand larceny auto in Las Vegas?

The penalty for stealing a car in Las Vegas depends on the value of the car.

  • If the car is worth less than $3,500, it is a Category C felony, which carries 1 to 4 years in a Nevada prison and fines of up to $5,000;
  • If the vehicle is worth more than $3,500, it is a Category B felony which carries 1 to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

As with all theft crimes in Nevada, the court will also require a person convicted of grand larceny of a motor vehicle to pay restitution to the victim.

Defenses to the Nevada crime of grand larceny of a motor vehicle

A belief, even if it is mistaken, that the owner of the vehicle permitted you to drive it, is a defense to grand larceny of a motor vehicle in Nevada. Also, someone has to witness you with the vehicle in your possession to prove the charge. A qualified Las Vegas criminal lawyer can present the best defense of your case.

More Information

A conviction for grand larceny of a motor vehicle in Nevada has serious consequences, including a felony on your record. This can impact important rights in the future and the ability to find employment.

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