Vegas Criminal Lawyer Explains Justifiable Homicide

Justifiable homicideUnder Nevada law, it is generally illegal to cause the death of another person. If you cause the death of another individual, you could be charged with offenses ranging from murder to voluntary manslaughter to involuntary manslaughter. The different homicide offenses are distinguished based on your intent and the nature of your actions. For example, if you acted with malice aforethought, you could be charged with murder whereas if you hurt someone unintentionally while engaging in an unlawful act, you might be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

When you are charged with a homicide crime, you have a few options for how to respond to charges. You could plead guilty and try to work out a plea deal with the prosecutor to reduce the charges to a lesser offense or to recommend a lenient sentence. Alternatively, you could go to court and try to fight for an acquittal. If you go to court, you could get acquitted by introducing reasonable doubt and showing the prosecutor has not made the case against you. You could also raise affirmative defenses, which would mean you would need to show that your actions were justified.

Nevada law sets forth specific circumstances under which killing another person can be justified under the law. For example, Nevada Revised Statute section 200.120 explains justifiable homicide under state law.

In order to determine the best way to respond to charges, you should talk with a Nevada criminal defense lawyer. You should make sure that your lawyer has experience handling homicide cases and you should make a plan with your attorney on whether your lawyer should negotiate a plea on your behalf or should represent you in court.

LV Criminal Defense has both negotiated deals and provided assertive, knowledgeable representation in criminal proceedings in court. We can help you to determine if you can raise the defense that the homicide was justified and if so, can work with you to put together the strongest possible case to prove your actions were warranted. You should give us a call today to find out about how we can help if you are under suspicion of homicide or if you are facing charges.

Nevada Laws on Justifiable Homicide

Nevada defines justifiable homicide in Nevada Revised Statute section 200.120. According to the relevant statute, a justifiable homicide occurs when you kill another human being in necessary self-defense. Homicide is also justifiable if you kill another person in defense of habitation, property, or person or if the person who is killed was clearly intending or trying to enter a habitation in a violent, riotous, tumultuous or surreptitious manner to try to cause personal violence or commit assault against anyone in the dwelling.

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Finally, justifiable homicide also occurs if you kill someone who intends or endeavors by violence or surprise to commit a felony.

If you wish to avoid conviction for a homicide offense by claiming justifiable homicide, Nevada Revised Statute section 200.170 indicates that it is your burden to prove that the homicide was justifiable. This means that while a prosecutor has the burden of proving you committed the homicide, you have the burden of proving that your actions were permissible under the law.

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Proving justifiable homicide can be complicated, and it is important to make sure that you put forth a strong case to show you acted appropriately so you can maximize the chances that you will avoid conviction.

LV Criminal Defense can assist you in proving justifiable homicide or in otherwise responding appropriately to charges against you for any homicide offense. To find out more about how a Vegas defense attorney at our firm can help you to fight conviction for a homicide crime, give us a call today.

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