Vegas Defense Attorney Explains Homicide from Explosives

In Nevada, certain conduct is unlawful. Title 15, which is the section of Nevada law that defines crimes and establishes penalties, explains what types of conduct is prohibited. Within Title 15, different kinds of offenses are organized into different chapters.

Chapter 200 is the chapter of Nevada’s criminal code that deals with crimes against the person. Crimes against the person are treated very seriously and harsh penalties are often imposed for conviction because there are victims who are actually hurt by the unlawful conduct.

Within Chapter 200, there are different subcategories of crimes, including a subcategory for homicide. Homicide offenses can include intentionally causing the life of another person. This is classified as murder and the possible penalties could include life imprisonment or even the death penalty in some circumstances. However, intentionally causing a death is not the only type of homicide that is punished under the law.

Nevada also imposes punishments in circumstances where defendants cause fatalities through their conduct, even if the defendant did not mean to cause anyone any harm. One example of a situation where a defendant could potentially be charged with a homicide offense even if the defendant did not mean to kill anyone is found in Nevada Revised Statute section 200.260. This is the statue that deals with death resulting from the unlawful manufacture of explosives or deaths resulting from the unlawful storage of explosives.

LV Criminal Defense can provide the help that you need to fight charges if you are accused of causing a death related to the storage or manufacture of explosives. We have represented many defendants accused of various types of crimes in Chapter 200 and our Las Vegas defense lawyers have the knowledge and skill necessary to assist you in developing the best defense strategy. Just give us a call today to get a compassionate and knowledgeable advocate working for you so you can fight for your future.

Nevada Revised Statute 200.260: Death from Unlawfully Manufactured or Stored Explosives

According to Nevada Revised Statute section 200.260, a defendant could be found guilty of the crime of causing death by unlawfully manufacturing or storing explosives if the defendant made gunpowder or any other explosive substance or if the defendant kept gunpowder or any other explosive substance while in a town or in a city. A defendant could also be found guilty for making or keeping gunpowder or other explosive substances in a quantity or manner prohibited by law or by municipal ordinance.

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In order for a defendant to be found guilty of death resulting from the unlawful storage or manufacture of explosives, the death must have occurred as a direct result of the making or keeping of those explosions.

The prosecutor would have the burden of showing the death occurred because of the explosives and would have the burden of showing the explosives were stored unlawfully. If the prosecutor was able to make this case against the defendant, the defendant could be found guilty of a Category D felony.

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