Death resulting from overloading of passenger vessel penalties

Vegas Defense Lawyer Explains Death From Vessel Overloading

Vegas Defense Lawyer Explains Death From Vessel OverloadingIn the state of Nevada, Chapter 200, which deals with crimes against the person, sets forth the definition of different homicide crimes and establishes penalties for those who commit homicide. Under Nevada law, defendants can face charges and criminal penalties not only for intentionally causing a death but also for causing a death to occur accidentally or inadvertently.

One example of a situation where deaths could happen without intent to cause a loss of life is when a passenger vessel is overloaded. According to Nevada Revised Statute section 200.230, when deaths result from the overloading of a passenger vessel, penalties can be imposed.

If you are at risk of being charged under N.R.S. 200.230 or if you have been arrested and charged for deaths resulting from the overloading of a passenger vessel, you should reach out to a Vegas criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

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Nevada Revised Statute section 200.230: Death From overloading of Passenger Vessel

According to Nevada Revised Statute section 200.230, a person who is navigating a vessel for financial gain could potentially be charged with death resulting from overloading of that vessel. The navigator of the vessel could be charged for either willfully or negligently allowing so many passengers onto the vessel that the vessel sinks, is overset, or is damaged. If the navigator allows other lading on board in large quantities that jeopardizes the integrity of the vessel and causes it to sink or be injured, the navigator could also be charged under N.R.S. 200.230 as well.

In order for a navigator to be charged, the overloading or overcrowding of the vessel must have caused a human being to be drowned or otherwise killed. If the prosecutor can prove a human being drowned due to the crvessel navigator’s overloading, the navigator could be charged with manslaughter.

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The specific consequences of manslaughter caused by overloading will depend upon whether the vessel navigator was negligent or not. If the operator was negligent, the vessel operator could be charged with a Category D felony. If the overloading was willful, on the other hand, the navigator who intentionally overloaded the vessel could be charged with a Category B felony.

Conviction for a Category B felony can result in imprisonment in state prison for a minimum of a one year term. The maximum term of imprisonment for a defendant convicted of causing a death by overloading a vessel is 10 years of imprisonment. In addition to the prison time and the felony conviction which can affect the convicted defendant for life, the navigator could also face a fine of up to $10,000.

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