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In Nevada, there are laws designed to provide broad protection for public safety and public order. Certain behaviors that are considered to present an unacceptable disturbance have been criminalized and penalties are imposed for the unlawful conduct. Title 15 is the part of Nevada’s code that deals with crimes and penalties for offenses, and Title 15 is divided up into different chapters with each chapter addressing a specific kind of criminal conduct.

Crimes against the public peace are defined within Chapter 203 of Title 15. This part of the criminal code explains what behaviors are illegal because they interrupt public order and interfere with the quiet enjoyment of private and public spaces. For each offense, there are specific behaviors prohibited and specific requirements regarding what a prosecutor must prove in order to secure a conviction for wrongdoing.

One of the offenses that is made illegal within Chapter 203 deals with a breach of the peace. If you are accused of breach of peace, or of disturbing the peace, you face criminal charges that could leave you with a permanent record and that could even result in jail time in some cases. You want to ensure you take proactive steps to try to reduce the consequences that could come from conviction for disturbing the peace.

LV Criminal Defense is here to help. Our legal team has extensive experience providing representation to defendants accused of violating the provisions of Chapter 202 dealing with crimes against public order. We understand the types of cases that prosecutors make, the ways evidence is presented, and the circumstances under which defendants can fight conviction. We can put our extensive legal skill to work to help you to maximize the chances of emerging from your involvement with the criminal justice system with minimal penalties or no consequences at all.

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Nevada Revised Statute Section 203.010: Breach of Peace

The statute within Chapter 203 that criminalizes breach of the peace is Nevada Revised Statute section 203.010.

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According to the relevant law, you can be convicted of breach of the peace if you maliciously and willfully disturb the peace or the quiet of any person, neighborhood, or family. There are specific examples of the types of conduct that could be considered an unlawful disturbance of people, neighborhoods, or families. Examples of the types of behaviors that the statute identifies as breaching the peace include loud noises, tumultuous conduct, offensive conduct, threatening, quarreling, challenging someone to a fight, traducing, and fighting.

If you engage in any of these behaviors and cause a disturbance, you can be charged with a misdemeanor offense. However, the prosecutor has the burden of both proving that you engaged in the conduct that caused a disturbance to occur and of proving that you acted willfully and maliciously and disturbed others.

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Defending yourself against accusations that you breached the peace can be challenging, but you do not need to prove your innocence– it’s enough to introduce reasonable doubt. LV Criminal Defense can help you to assess the evidence against you and the defenses available to you so you can decide on the right course of action in response to accusations that you disturbed the peace. To find out more about the assistance our legal team offers, give us a call today.

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