Las Vegas Defense Attorney Explains Criminal Syndicalism

Las Vegas Defense Attorney Explains Criminal SyndicalismA Nevada criminal defense lawyer can help you if you have been accused of criminal syndicalism. This offense is a serious crime defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 203.117. Criminal offenses made illegal in Chapter 203, including the offense of criminal syndicalism, are illegal because the prohibited behaviors are a threat to public peace.

You could face serious penalties if you are convicted of criminal syndicalism, so you should reach out to an experienced Las Vegas defense lawyer as soon as accusations against you are made. LV Criminal Defense has provided representation to defendants accused of many different kinds of unlawful conduct prohibited within Chapter 203 and we understand how these cases work so we can help you to approach them in the most strategic possible way.

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Nevada Revised Statute Section 203.117: Criminal Syndicalism

Criminal syndicalism, as defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 203.11, refers to the doctrine that advocates teaching criminal acts as a method of accomplishing industrial or political reform. If an individual advocates teaching violence, sabotage, or any unlawful acts of terrorism with the goal of bringing about political or industrial change, this can be considered a form of criminal syndicalism.

N.R.S. 203.117 defines specific conduct that is prohibited as criminal syndicalism. According to the relevant statute, it is illegal to:

• Use word of mouth or writing in order to advocate violence or to teach that violence is a duty, is necessary, or is proper in order to accomplish industrial or political form. It is unlawful to use oral or verbal communication to teach or argue there is a duty to commit acs of violence, criminal acts, sabotage, or any unlawful methods of terrorism for purposes of promoting change.
• Print, publish, edit, issue, or knowingly circulate, sell, distribute, or publicly display any books, papers, documents, or written materials of any type that contain, advocate for, advise, or teach a doctrine that suggests crime, sabotage, violence, or unlawful methods of terrorism should be used to achieve political or industrial reform.
• Openly, willfully, and deliberately justify by word of mouth or in writing, the attempt to commit a crime, violence, or sabotage with the intent to spread the belief that violence or terror is an acceptable means of bringing about change.
• Openly, willfully, and deliberately justify the commission of a crime, unlawful act of terrorism, or other violent acts to spread, exemplify or advocate the belief that these methods are an appropriate way to cause change.
• Organize, help organize, or become a member of a group that teaches or promotes violence to produce political or industrial change.
• Assemble for purposes of advocating or teaching the doctrine of criminal syndicalism.
• Willfully and knowingly allow, as an owner, agent, caretaker, janitor, superintendent or occupant, any building you are in charge of to be used as a place where people can assemble to promote or teach the doctrine of criminal syndicalism.

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Violating any of these laws and being convicted of an offense under N.R.S. 203.117 can result in conviction for a Category B felony offense. The penalties for this offense include a minimum of one year imprisonment and a maximum of six years imprisonment along with a fine up to $5,000.

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