Nevada Defense Attorney Explains Rout and Riot Crime

There are laws in Nevada that exist to ensure that the public is kept as safe as possible. When actions present a danger to public health, public safety, or public order, those actions may be made illegal. Illegal conduct is defined in Title 15 of Nevada’s code, which contains definitions of crimes and which establishes punishments for offenses.

Within Title 15, different kinds of crimes are divided up into different chapters based on the category of offense. Chapter 203 is the chapter that includes laws prohibiting criminal conduct that interferes with the public peace. If you commit a crime against the public peace, you could be charged with an offense found in Chapter 203 and could be convicted if the prosecutor is able to prove every element of the crime.

You don’t have to prove you are innocent, as you have a constitutional right to be viewed as innocent in the eyes of the law until the prosecutor meets the burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. However, you do need to respond proactively to accusations that you disturbed public peace in any way so you can make sure to maximize the chances of avoiding a conviction for the offense you’ve been accused of.

LV Criminal Defense knows the laws in Chapter 203 inside and out and we can help if you’re accused of any offense that involves disturbing the public peace. This includes the offense of rout and riot. To find out more about how our Las Vegas, NV criminal attorneys can assist you if you’ve been accused of rout and riot in violation of the provisions found within Chapter 203, give us a call today.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 203.070: Rout and Riot

The offense of rout and riot is defined in Chapter 203.070 and it is one of the offenses that is considered a crime against public peace. The relevant statute defines the offense to include two or more people meeting to do an unlawful act based on a common cause of quarrel they both have.

Defendants can be charged under this statute only if the two individuals who have gathered together make advances towards committing the unlawful act they came together to commit. If they take steps towards the unlawful act, a prosecutor could secure a conviction for the rout in violation of N.R.S. 203.070, provided the prosecutor is able to prove these elements of the crime. If, on the other hand, two people get together to commit an unlawful act but make no advances towards the unlawful act they met to do, they can be charged instead with unlawful assembly under N.R.S. 203.060.

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Under N.R.S. 203.070, if two or more people actually engage in an unlawful act, either with a common cause of quarrel or without one, they could be charged with committing a riot. When two or more people engage in lawful acts in violent, tumultuous and illegal ways, they could also be charged with riot.

Both rout and riot as defined by N.R.S. 203.070 are misdemeanor offenses. Defendants who are convicted of misdemeanor crimes could potentially face jail time and other penalties such as probation and fines.

Getting Help from Vegas Criminal Lawyers

If you have been accused of rout or riot, you want to be proactive in contacting a Vegas criminal defense lawyer with experience representing defendants accused of violating the provisions of Chapter 203 of Nevada’s code. An experienced attorney can help you to decide on the best way to respond to charges, including attempting to enter into the pre-trial diversion to avoid a criminal record; negotiating a favorable plea deal, or going to court to try for acquittal.

LV Criminal Defense has successfully represented many defendants accused of a rout, riot, and other criminal conduct that’s viewed as a violation of public peace. To find out more about how we can put our skills to work on your case, give us a call today.

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