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Nevada has laws in place intended to ensure public order and to protect the safety of the public. Many of the laws designed to ensure public order are found within Chapter 203 of Title 15. Title 15 is the part of the state code which defines criminal conduct, establishes the requirements for what prosecutors must prove to convict defendants, and imposes penalties for wrongdoing. Chapter 203 is the chapter within the penal code that details criminal conduct which has been made illegal because the conduct presents a threat to public order.

There are many different statutes within Chapter 203 that identify certain types of behavior that are considered to be crimes against the public peace. One of those statutes defines the crime of affray and imposes penalties for affray.

If you have been accused of affray, it is important to understand what specific elements of the crime the prosecutor would need to prove to get a guilty verdict. You need to know how to introduce reasonable doubt as to your guilt, and what steps you can take to try to fight the serious accusations against you so you can avoid conviction and resulting penalties or so you can at least reduce the possible consequences that could come from a guilty verdict.

LV Criminal Defense is here to help. Our Nevada defense attorneys have extensive experience fighting charges on behalf of clients accused of violations of the laws in Chapter 203 or accused of other violations of Nevada’s penal code. We can put our in-depth knowledge of Nevada law to work on your case so you can maximize the chances of facing no consequences or minimal penalties as a result of the charges against you. To find out more about the assistance our legal team can offer when you’ve been accused of affray, give us a call today.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 203.050: Affray

The Nevada law that prohibits the crime of affray in Nevada Revised Statute section 203.050. This offense against public order prohibits fighting in public.

According to N.R.S. 203.050, affray occurs when two or more people make an agreement to fight in a public place, to the terror of the citizens of the state of Nevada. A prosecutor must prove both that you made such an agreement to fight in a public place and also that your agreement to fight caused terror to the citizens of the state. If the prosecutor is able to prove this, you can be charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense under N.R.S. 203.050.

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If you are charged with affray because you agree to fight and meet in a public place to do so, you could also be charged with any underlying offenses related to the fight in addition to the offense of affray. For example, if you brandished a weapon in your fight or if your actions were considered to be criminal assault, you could be charged both with a weapon’s offense and with affray or with assault and affray.

If you face multiple charges in connection with an agreement to come to a public place to fight someone, the penalties for each offense could be separately imposed and you will need to ensure you develop a defense strategy that addresses all of the charges that you face.

Getting Help from a Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer

LV Criminal Defense can provide you with representation if you have been accused of affray. Our experienced Vegas defense attorneys can assist you in trying to get charges dropped; in exploring whether there are pre-trial diversion programs available so you could avoid a permanent criminal record; in fighting to get acquitted; or in negotiating a plea agreement with the goal of reducing possible charges or penalties. Give us a call today to find out more about the help our Vegas defense lawyers offer in affray cases.

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