Nevada Criminal Lawyer Explains Public Disturbance Offense

Nevada Criminal Lawyer Explains Public Disturbance OffenseThe state of Nevada has many rules in place that are intended to ensure public order is maintained. In fact, within Title 15, Nevada’s penal code, there is an entire chapter containing statutes defining conduct that has been criminalized because it is considered to be a crime against the public peace. The chapter of Title 15 defining offenses related to disturbing the peace is Chapter 203.

Within Chapter 203, there are broad prohibitions against disturbing the peace found in Nevada Revised Statute section 203.010. There are also rules prohibiting specific types of unlawful conduct that can cause a disturbance. For example, there is a statute within Chapter 203 that makes it a crime to commit an act in a public building or in a public area that causes interference with peaceful conduct or with peaceful activities.

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Nevada Revised Statute section 203.119: Commission of An Act in a Public Building or Area Interfering with Peaceful Conduct of Activities

The Nevada law prohibiting acts in public places that disturb lawful activities is found within Nevada Revised Statute section 203.119. According to the relevant law, it is illegal to commit any act within a public building that interferes with the peaceful conducting of the activities that are normally carried out within that public building.

It is also unlawful under N.R.S. 203.119 to commit any act on the grounds surrounding a public building that would interfere with the conduct normally carried on in the building or on the grounds. For purposes of this statute, a public building is defined to include any component of Nevada’s system of higher education, any building used for any purpose related to higher education, or any building that is used for any public purpose by the state, county, city, school district, or other public subdivision of the state.

If you engage in unlawful conduct by causing a disturbance in the public building or on the build’s grounds and you refuse to leave the building upon the request of a proper official with the authority to request that you leave, you could be charged with a crime under N.R.S. 203.119. The offense is a misdemeanor criminal offense, according to the relevant statute.

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N.R.S. 203.119 also indicates that any person who counsels someone to disturb the conduct in a public building, or any person who aids or abets someone in causing a prohibited disturbance in a public building or on its grounds, can also be charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense.

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A Vegas criminal lawyer at LV Criminal Defense can provide you with legal representation if you are facing misdemeanor charges for an alleged violation of N.R.S. 203.119. we can help you to respond assertively when you are accused of unlawfully causing a disturbance in a public building that interferes with the peaceful conduct of activities and we can also help you if you are facing charges for any other violations of Chapter 203 of Nevada’s penal code.

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