Vegas Defense Lawyer Explains Offenses in Public Conveyances

When you travel on public transportation, you are expected to abide by certain standards of conduct and behavior so that you do not present a distraction to the operator of the transportation or a danger to other passengers sharing the transport with you. These expectations that you will comply with minimum standards of behavior are not just social expectations. If you engage in behavior that is considered to be disruptive or dangerous, you can be charged with a criminal offense.

The criminal offense that you could be charged with for certain disturbing or inappropriate acts while on public transportation is defined in a statute that establishes the rules for offenses in public conveyances. This statute is found in Chapter 203 of Title 15 of Nevada’s code. Title 15 is the penal code where crimes and punishments are listed, and Chapter 203 is the part of the penal code containing Nevada laws related to crimes against the public peace.

If you have been accused of offenses in public conveyances or if you have been accused of any other crimes in violation of Nevada Chapter 203, LV Criminal Defense can help you. Our Vegas defense lawyers have extensive knowledge of Nevada’s laws on crimes considered to be a breach of peace or public order. We have represented many defendants accused of similar offenses and we can use our extensive knowledge of the state’s laws to help you to formulate the smartest possible legal strategy for your particular situation.

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Nevada Revised Statute Section 203.100

Nevada Revised Statute section 203.100 defines what an offense on a public conveyance means and explains what a prosecutor must prove to secure a conviction. According to the relevant law, you are considered to have committed an offense in a public conveyance if you willfully use profane, offensive, or indecent language while on any public conveyance.

You can also be considered to have committed the offense of a crime in a public conveyance if you engage in a quarrel in a public conveyance or if you interfere with or annoy any passenger who is also in the conveyance with you. Finally, if you refuse to leave the conveyance after having not paid the proper fare, you can be charged under N.R.S. 203.100 as well.

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A public conveyance could include many different kinds of transportation that you may make use of, including taxis, buses, subways, railway cars,and other transportation intended for the use of the general public. If a portion of the public has the right to use the mode of transportation, then it is generally considered to be a public conveyance. This means if a prosecutor can prove that you caused a disturbance within this particular transport that is considered to be a public conveyance, you could be charged with a criminal offense under Nevada Revised Statute section 203.100.

Offenses in public conveyance are misdemeanor offenses, which means that conviction for this crime could result in you having a criminal record and could potentially lead to jail time, probation, and fines – among other possible consequences.

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