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Nevada Defense Lawyer Explains Non-support of SpouseFor some crimes in the state of Nevada, defendants must have acted with intent and purposefully done something wrong. For other offenses, however, a defendant need not have behaved in an intentional way in order to be in violation of the state’s laws. There are some offenses where mere negligence is enough to be a legal violation.

Because you could potentially be charged with a serious crime — and possibly face jail time — as a result of negligence, it is imperative that there be a clear understanding of exactly what neglect, negligence, negligence and negligently mean. You can find the official legal definitions of these words in Chapter 193 of Nevada’s criminal procedure code.

Chapter 193 is the “general provisions” section of Title 15, which is the Title of the Nevada code that defines different kinds of criminal behaviors that have been made illegal in the state. The definitions in Chapter 193 apply throughout Chapter 15, so you will need to know these definitions if you are accused of any offense related to negligence.

LV Criminal Defense is here to provide assistance in understanding not only these definitions but also in understanding the other key aspects of Nevada law that apply to you. By working with an experienced attorney who has a clear and concrete understanding of exactly what a prosecutor must demonstrate to convict you of any offense, you can maximize your chances of an acquittal.

Your Las Vegas defense lawyer can also help you to determine when negotiating a plea deal to face lesser charges is your best course of action. To find out more about how our firm can assist you when you’ve been accused of a negligence offense or any other crime, give us a call today.

Nevada Definition of Negligent and Negligence

The definitions of neglect, negligence, negligent and negligence are all found within Nevada Revised Statute section 193.018. According to the relevant statute, all of these words refer to a situation where you act without paying reasonable attention to the nature or probable consequences of your actions.

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Whether or not you behaved in a negligent way will depend upon how your actions were in comparison with an ordinary prudent person, according to N.R.S. 193.018. If you failed to act with the level of care about the consequences of your actions that an ordinarily prudent person exercises, you can be considered negligent in the eyes of the law.

When you act negligently and bad things happen as a result, this can lead to criminal charges. For example, according to N.R.S. 200.230, a person who negligently puts too many passengers on a passenger vessel can be held liable if passengers are injured or killed due to overcrowding. When passengers die because of your negligence in overloading a passenger vessel, you could potentially face felony charges that carry a prison sentence.

This is just one of many negligent offenses. It will become very important for you to try to prove you acted reasonably prudently if you do not want to find yourself with a criminal record based on your alleged failure to exercise reasonable care in your actions.

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