Nevada Defense Lawyer Explains Corrupt and Corruptly

Lawyer Explains Corrupt and CorruptlyThere are many types of criminal conduct that Nevada law makes illegal. Nevada defines various crimes using words which may have meanings that are sometimes unclear. For example, N.R.S. 199.480 establishes penalties for those who conspire to various offenses such as murder or robbery. One of the factors that determine what penalty is imposed under N.R.S. 199.480 is whether the conspiracy was intended to commit acts designed to corrupt public justice or due administration of the law. In order to determine if a defendant committed such an act, it is important to know what the word “corrupt” means.

Title 15 is the title of the Nevada Code which outlines crimes and punishments. Chapter 193 is the part of Title 15 that includes the legal definitions applicable throughout the rest of the Title. Within Chapter 193, many key words are defined. Two of those are corrupt, or corruptly, the definitions of which are found in N.R.S. 193.013.

What Does Corrupt or Corruptly Mean in Nevada?

According to N.R.S. 193.013, both corrupt and corruptly have a similar meaning. The terms refer to a situation where a person acted out of a wrongful desire to acquire some type of pecuniary – or monetary advantage. The term also refers to situations where a person acted out of a wrongful desire to acquire some other type of advantage. The person who is acting wrongfully may have been motivated by a desire to cause this advantage for himself, or to cause this advantage for others.

The definition of corrupt or corruptly that is found in N.R.S. 193.013 is applicable to all statutes in Title 15 related to crimes and punishments in Nevada. This means that any time a statute outlining a crime uses either the words corrupt or the words corruptly, the definition that will be used for corruptly is the one found in N.R.S. 193.013.

For N.R.S. 199.480, for example, if the defendant became involved in a conspiracy because of a desire to confer a monetary or other advantage on himself or others, this would mean he acted corruptly and would thus be subject to the specific outlined penalties associated with a corruption motive.

It is vitally important to know the definitions of different words found within Title 15, as Title 15 is the part of Nevada law that defines all crimes including crimes against the sovereignty or executive power or legislative power of the state; crimes against public justice, public decency or good morals; crimes against persons; crimes against public health or peace; crimes against the property and revenue of the state; and crimes against property. Any time any crime within any part of Title 15 uses the term corrupt, you’ll need to refer to N.R.S. 193.013 to find out the legal meaning of this term.

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If a crime requires you to have acted corruptly, or if you could face additional penalties if you behaved in a corrupt way, then the prosecutor has the burden of proving you acted to confer an advantage of some type on yourself or on someone else. If a prosecutor cannot prove this, you should not be convicted or an offense requiring corruption or should not face the additional penalties that go along with being motivated by corruption.

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