Nevada Attorney Explains Impact of Rulings in Other County

Nevada Attorney Explains Impact of Rulings in Other CountyWhat happens if you are accused of a crime in a county in Nevada for which you have already gone on trial in a different county? If you find yourself in this situation, Nevada Revised Statute 193.290 explains the impact of your past case on the charges which are pending against you in the state of Nevada.

Whenever you are charged with a crime, it is imperative that you understand which Nevada laws apply to you and what you can do to fight for your freedom. Being found guilty could result in incarceration and a wide variety of other penalties, so you cannot afford to be relaxed in responding to any charges — even if you have already faced prosecution in a different county on those same charges.

LV Criminal Defense can help you to fight accusations that are being made against you. You should give us a call as soon as possible when you are accused of a crime so we can help you to identify the best legal strategy for responding to charges and fighting the accusations against you.

Impact of Conviction or Acquittal in Other Counties

According to N.R.S. 193.290, if you are convicted or are acquitted of an offense in a county that is located within the state of Nevada and you are subsequently charged with the same crime in a different Nevada county, you can defend yourself from the new charges that have been brought against you by providing proof of the past case that occurred in the other county.

The conviction or acquittal must have occurred in a court that had jurisdiction over the offense that you were accused of committing. This means that the court in the county where your case was decided must have had legal authority to preside over the case against you. You also must have been either acquitted or convicted upon the merits of the case, which means that the specific facts of the case were considered and you did not simply have your charges dropped on a technicality.

The former conviction or former acquittal can be raised as a defense to the new charges and you should not have to face charges. It is up to you to raise this defense and to introduce evidence to the court in the county where you are now being tried of the past case that was brought against you.

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You will want to act quickly if you are accused of a crime and are facing charges based on the same alleged criminal actions that you were already tried for elsewhere within the state of Nevada. You do not want to have to go through the entire court process again, and you should not have to go through an entire case again, once your case has already been adjudicated and an outcome has been determined by a court with jurisdiction.

A Nevada defense attorney can assist you in determining if your past criminal proceedings arose from the same basic crime and thus can serve as a defense to new charges you are facing, so you should get the legal help you need right away if you find yourself facing new charges for an offense you’ve already been to trial for.

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While conviction or acquittal in another country is a sufficient defense, you still need to be prepared to respond appropriately when the state of Nevada is pressing charges against you or is conducting an investigation into your contact. Vegas criminal defense lawyers at LV Criminal Defense are here to fight on your behalf and help you to avoid a conviction so give us a call as soon as possible after an accusation of wrongdoing has been made against you.

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