A Vegas Criminal Lawyer Explains the Meaning of Prison

False Reporting of a CrimeOne of the most feared penalties for defendants accused of wrongdoing is prison. There are many offenses for which you could be sentenced to prison, so it is important to understand exactly what this would mean to you. This starts with knowing how the state of Nevada actually defines prison.

Definitions for prison can be found, along with many other definitions, in Chapter 193 of Title 15 of Nevada’s criminal code. Title 15 is the part of Nevada’s code that criminalizes illegal conduct, that defines crimes, and that specifies penalties. Chapter 193 is the general provisions section of Title 15 and the definitions that are found within it apply to all situations where specific words are used in Title 15. This means anywhere that the term prison is used, the definition found in N.R.S. 193.0215 is the definition that you need to know.

LV Criminal Defense can help you to understand what the state of Nevada means when the term prison is used. We can also help you to understand other key definitions that may be relevant to your particular case and can work to maximize the chances you’ll be able to avoid prison or at least lessen the possible penalties you could face due to the charges against you. Just give us a call to find out more about the ways in which we can help.

Defining Prison Under Nevada Law

N.R.S. 193.0125 explains that the term prison, when used in Title 15, refers to any place which has been designated by law to keep people who are being held in custody either because they are under lawful arrest or because they are being held under some other process of the law.

The term prison is used hundreds of times in Title 15 when defining the penalties that someone will face for the commission of various crimes. For example, in N.R.S. 200.030, which outlines different degrees of murder and different penalties for each, the relevant statute indicates that a person who has been convicted of murder could be punished by imprisonment in the state prison. N.R.S. 200.030 goes on to explain how long a person could be kept in state prison for, with the length of imprisonment varying depending upon the circumstances of the murder the defendant has been convicted of.

There are both state and federal prisons which defendants who are convicted could be sent to. However, if you are charged with a Nevada crime and tried in state court, you will be sent to a state prison as defined by N.R.S. 193.0125.

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