Classification of Crimes Explained by Nevada Defense Attorney

Classification of Crimes Explained by Nevada Defense AttorneyIn the state of Nevada, some crimes are considered to be more serious than other offenses. There are rules in Nevada’s code related to the classification of crimes and defendants who are accused of wrongdoing must understand what these rules are. The manner in which the particular offense you have been accused of is classified can make all the difference when it comes to potential penalties that you could face.

LV Criminal Defense will work with you to understand the Nevada rules for classification of crimes. Our skilled and experienced Las Vegas defense team also fights aggressively on your behalf to help you avoid conviction or at least plea bargain down your charges to a less serious offense.

We can work closely with you to evaluate the evidence against you, understand the classification of your crime and possible penalties, and implement a legal strategy that makes the most sense for your particular situation. Our goal is always to get you the minimum penalties or, when possible, to help you keep a clean record and avoid consequences altogether.

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Classification of Crimes Under Nevada Law

Nevada Revised Statute section 193.120 explains the classification of crimes within the state of Nevada. According to the relevant statute, any act or omission that is forbidden by law can be considered to be a crime. Crimes are punishable after a defendant has been convicted for engaging in the unlawful act or omission. The punishment for crimes could include death, imprisonment, fine or some other type of penal discipline.

N.R.S. 193.120 goes on to distinguish between three broad categories of crimes in the state of Nevada: misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felony offenses.

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Felonies are considered to be the most serious of the crimes a person can commit. According to N.R.S. 193.120, a felony is a crime that could be punished by death or by imprisonment in the state prison.

Misdemeanors are the least serious of the criminal offenses a person could commit in Nevada. N.R.S. 193.120 explains that a misdemeanor is a crime that is punishable by a maximum fine of $1,000 or by a maximum term of imprisonment of six months. The imprisonment must be in the county jail for misdemeanor offenses carrying a prison term of less than six months.

Finally, all other crimes that are classified as neither misdemeanors nor as felonies are considered to be gross misdemeanors.

Because any of these categories of crimes could lead to you being imprisoned if you are charged with and convicted of an offense, it is important that you aggressively fight any charges.

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A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can work with you to try to reduce the severity of your crime if you are interested in negotiating a plea deal. The decision on whether to plead not guilty or to try to reduce charges and lessen penalties is a very complicated choice. You should not make this choice without consulting with a trusted law firm in the Nevada area.

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